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It’s Monday again! I’m just checking in to share last week’s hobonichi spread, my productivity for the week, and a few updates. Last week was a bit of a mess for me and I was completely thrown off of my routine. I did manage to journal 6 days, read my daily quota from War and Peace 6 days, and put in my 3 blog posts. I also managed to finish reading three books (more than my goal) and more than 500 pages, so I’m on track with my reading goals! I fell off of the cardio wagon slightly, but my morning routine was totally discombobulated towards the end of the week, which is why I couldn’t make it happen. Luckily, this is a new week and I’m ready to try again!

The three books that I finished were pretty solid. I liked two much better than the third. If you follow me on goodreads, then these little blurbs will sound familiar:

The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny: “My favorite Penny so far! This one was set in Three Pines and had a startling ending that I definitely wasn’t expecting. When a body is found in a local establishment, everyone is surprised because no one can seem to identify it. We meet the family who has bought the old Hadley House and is turning it into a day spa, which has set the town’s gossip machine in motion. There’s a big focus on antiques and horses in this mystery, if you enjoy those. And of course, plenty of comforting french food to keep your stomach growling.”

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson: “What a charming little book! It might be a tad bit sexist, but it definitely made me laugh out loud multiple times. Without being judgmental, Magnusson gently leads us towards cleaning up our lives, if not for our own enjoyment than for the sake of the people who will be cleaning up after we die. She gave wonderful advice for all ages and stages of life and I just adored this slim little volume.”

The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn: “Maybe I wasn’t in the mood for a thriller, but this just didn’t do it for me. It felt predictable and I wasn’t exactly surprised by anything. It was an entertaining story, but it wasn’t as exciting as promised. However, I hope Sandra Bullock plays the main character, because I kept getting “The Net” vibes – that 90s movie about the internet. That would be awesome.


IMG_2197I’m trying something new with my daily tarot draw. I had been recording it on my daily hobonichi pages, but now I’m using those for journaling. I’d tried a few different layouts within my hobonichi cousin to find a way for it to fit, but never quite got there. But then I remembered that I ordered a hobonichi weeks in a moment of extreme notebook weakness and then had no idea what to do with it. It’s the perfect tarot journal! I can put my daily draw on the left side and then record any other draws for the week on the right side. Sadly, I missed a few tarot draws last week because of my weird mornings, but I hope this week will look fuller and much prettier! I hate the blank spots!


We had a pretty big snowstorm last week and are expecting another one tomorrow, but IMG_2183we did get some melting earlier in the week and saw some tulips, daffodils, and crocuses peek out before getting covered with snow again. But at some point, the snow will melt for good and those babies will really start to grow! The boys and I managed to have some relatively warm and dry time outside this week and we got to play with the bubble machine that my brother sent them for Christmas. They just adored it. Like I said, everything is covered in snow again and will be for at least another couple of weeks, so I’ll just keep dreaming about more days with the bubble machine and chances to weed the flower beds. Matt got some seeds started in the basement yesterday, so planning for the vegetable garden is well underway, too.


How about you? Did you have a good week? Any big plans for the upcoming week? Any big goals you hope to chip away with? Don’t foget – you’ve got this!!


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  1. I’m interested in The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning! I’m really in the mood to do some clearing out.

    Congrats on making those reading goals! I finished my first Classics Club book, Strangers on a Train. It was good! My book for the Spin is on its way to me from Barnes and Noble. We didn’t have it in my library system. I hope to post two more blog posts this week, and then I’m taking a week off. We’re going on a little vacation and I hope to unplug from my phone a bit!


    1. Yay for finishing a book on your classics club list!! And super yay for vacation!!! I’ll miss seeing you around but unplugging is so important ☺️


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