Mary Oliver | National Poetry Month 2023

I’m back with another poem to commemorate National Poetry Month. Today I’m sharing my favorite Mary Oliver poem; I know I’ve posted it before but I couldn’t help but write about it again today.

I have this poem taped up on the windowsill by my computer and read it multiple times a week, as I sit at my desk and try to put together blog posts. It’s such a great reminder that our writing doesn’t have to be dazzling or portray a picture-perfect life. Oftentimes the weeds are just as worthy of our recognition.

Praying by Mary Oliver

It doesn’t have to be
the blue iris, it could be
weeds in a vacant lot, or a few
small stones; just
pay attention, then patch

a few words together and don’t try
to make them elaborate, this isn’t
a contest but the doorway

into thanks, and a silence in which
another voice may speak.

I can always use the reminder that life isn’t a contest! I hope to be back tomorrow. Until then – take good care.


15 thoughts on “Mary Oliver | National Poetry Month 2023

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  1. I wish I had known about Mary Oliver when she was still alive, though we’re lucky she left us with so much. She was so very wise and really had a perfect poem for everything!

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    1. I was hesitant to read Mary Oliver because I felt like she was the stereotypical option for poetry newbies… but there is a very good reason why she is always recommended! You’re absolutely right – she had a poem for everything!


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