A Sunday Poem – Thanksgiving

Wendell Berry continues to sustain me. It is late November, Thanksgiving,and the slow rain falls as all dayit has fallen. The mists driftin the treetops along Camp Branch.The ewe flock grazes the green slopeas in a dream of a paintingby Samuel Palmer. There is no wind.It is completely quiet. From the distancecomes only the sound... Continue Reading →

A Sunday Poem – Keep Going

Hello. Yes, I'm back with another Wendell Berry poem that showed up in the perfect moment. I'd almost decided that I wouldn't share one today, but... the message arrived, right on time! We travelers, walking to the sun, can't seeAhead, but looking back the very lightThat blinded us shows us the way we came,Along which... Continue Reading →

A Sunday Poem – A Costly Year

And hasn't it been such a costly year? 2020 feels unredeemable in so many ways. But here's some thoughts from Wendell Berry. By expenditure of hope,Intelligence, and work,You think you have it fixed.It is unfixed by rule.Within the darkness, allIs being changed, and youAlso will be changed. Now I recall to mindA costly year: Jane... Continue Reading →

A Sunday Poem – Whatever Happens

Whatever happens,those who have learnedto love one anotherhave made their wayinto the lasting worldand will not leave,whatever happens.This Day: Collected & New Sabbath Poems, Wendell Berry You're right - I still haven't finished my book of poetry by Wendell Berry. This poem (which again appeared in the knick of time for today's post) is at... Continue Reading →

A Sunday Poem – Birdsong

What do the tall trees sayTo the late havocs in the sky?They sigh.The air moves, and they sway.When the breeze on the hillIs still, then they stand still.They wait.They have no fear. Their fateIs faith. BirdsongIs all they've wanted, all along.This Day: Collected & New Sabbath Poems by Wendell Berry An introduction to today's post... Continue Reading →

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