🎶 Hey June, Don’t Make It Bad / Take a Sad Song and Make it Better 🎶

I hope you don't mind having a Beatles song stuck in your head for the next few days, but I thought their advice for Jude also worked really well for June. I'm hoping June can help us all figure out how to help each other through this difficult time. I'm here today to share some... Continue Reading →

Friday | Almost May

This week has been another cold one. Cloudy, windy, a few rain showers. I'm trying not to complain because the weather isn't anything worth complaining about. AND - I'd be really grateful for a day full of sunshine. Just putting it out there to the universe. But despite the gray and chill, we've got some... Continue Reading →

A Sunday Poem | Mindful

I wasn't planning to be back with a poem today, but this one presented itself to me on Saturday and I couldn't resist! Mindful Every day I see or I hear something that more or less kills me with delight, that leaves me like a needle in the haystack of light. It is what I... Continue Reading →

A Sunday Poem | Arrowhead

This week we learned about a mass grave site with the remains of at least 215 children, some as young as 3 years old, at a boarding school for Indigenous children. I was emailing a dear friend about this on Monday night, started reading a Mary Oliver collection when I crawled into bed shortly after,... Continue Reading →

A Sunday Poem | Softest of Mornings

On Sundays I try to share a few lines of poetry that caught my attention. I'm new to the world of poetry and these Sunday posts ensure I read a few poems every week. Here's one I encountered in a book of Mary Oliver essays this week: Softest of Mornings Softest of mornings, hello. And... Continue Reading →

A Sunday Poem | Dogwood

Happy Sunday. I'm here to share a few beautiful words from Wendell Berry. I'm still on a spring flower kick and, luckily, so is he: A man who loves the treeswalks among them on a dark dayfor the solace he has taken alwaysfrom the company of his elders,and suddenly he seessuch a grace as in... Continue Reading →

A Sunday Poem | In Bloom

I'm in a particular good patch of poems in my Wendell Berry book and had a difficult time picking one to share with you today. But this felt right: At the woods' edge, suddenlythe air around him was perfumedwith the scent of wild plum flowers.The whitened trees were accompaniedby several redbuds also in bloom,equally beautiful,... Continue Reading →

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