February 2023 Reading Review

This weekend was full of time outside in the snow – it was wonderful (and exhausting)! Last week was winter vacation here in New Hampshire so we had very little structure, but it snowed nearly every day so there was plenty to keep us busy. And this morning was an awkward start — I accidentally overslept and needed to get a loaf of bread and a batch of biscuits into the oven, so my morning quiet time was spent in the kitchen instead of at my computer. After getting Colton on the bus, I had to jet out to the DMV to renew my license and when I returned home, we decided to get our homeschooling day started by baking a big batch of gingerbread cookies and working on an art project. It was a nice way to ease into this term, for sure.

All of that is to say that my day is all a-kerfluffle and this monthly reading round up will be short and sweet. You’re welcome!

Changes for Addy | The Summer of the Great Grandmother | The Book of Goose | All Over Creation | Sula | Addy Saves the Day | The Night Watchman | The Mapping of Love and Death | Happy Birthday Addy | Foster | Once There Were Wolves | A Place on Earth | Bleeding Heart Yard | 4 Captain Underpantses | What Are We Doing Here? | Norwegian Wood

February was a tremendous month for reading; it was wide and deep and I can’t even begin to narrow down favorites or categorize anything. And it makes sense — there’s nothing better on a cold winter’s day than to curl up with piles and piles of books and February’s pile was exceptional. I started this post over the weekend and have deleted and restarted it multiple times — I have been paralyzed about how to write about all of these books. There’s no possible way I can summarize everything I loved, so I won’t. I’m going to be incredibly simple and say that I loved everything this month, except for Norwegian Wood. I can’t recommend that to anyone.

March Plans:

I have a lot of plans for March but doubt that I’ll get to everything. After reading months like February, I always slow down quite a bit the following months. That’s probably healthy and helps to keep me balanced, so no complaints here. But here’s what I have written in my notebook for this month, if you’d like to join in on anything:

I hope to be back on Wednesday with a reading update… but so far I haven’t finished anything since last week’s update! So my reading post might look a little different than it usually does, and that’s okay. Take good care until then!


10 thoughts on “February 2023 Reading Review

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  1. Always enjoy seeing what you have read and what you plan to read. You might be interested in knowing that I read Maisie Dobbs and enjoyed it so much that I am going on to the second book in the series.


  2. There’s nothing like the high of a good reading month! I loved Pachinko so I’m sure that will contribute to a great March as well.


  3. What a great reading month. All I can say about The Master Butchers Singing Club is WOW. I listened to it, completing it yesterday and loved it. Now I want to read a hard copy. I love Maisie Dobbs as a palate cleanser.


  4. That’s an impressive amount of reading for a short month! And if you only disliked one book, even more so! I am hoping to be able to finish War and Peace this week, maybe even today (I think I have 12% left). I have less than 100 pages left in The Shipping News as well, so The Bingo Palace will be my next on-paper read, and I think The Violin Conspiracy might be my next ebook (I bought it when it was a daily deal a few weeks ago, and I think it might be a good palate cleanser after W&P).

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  5. I think that Master Butcher’s Singing Club might be my favorite Erdrich story of all times!

    You absolutely did have an impressive reading month! XO


  6. I too plan on finishing War and Peace this month, so that I move on to other reads, but I’m past the Natasha drama, and back to the war and I’m really excited to see what happens with Nikolay!


  7. I came upon a few Captain Underpants books at a homeschool co op freebie table….sure enough- my son polished them off in days. He’s convinced himself he doesn’t like to read. I know that’s not true- he just has to be enticed enough by the story – or entertained enough- to want to read it. These fit the bill. I’m doing a lot of reading regarding the faith during Lent but I also have a lot of health related books going on.


  8. The breadth and depth of February is so impressive! and I love your plans for March. also love to see how much you’re reading along with and inspired by the Fiction Matters crew -truly the best “bookclub” ever!


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