Less In 2023

This is my sixth year to choose a word for the year, believe it or not. Funnily enough, I feel like I’ve almost come full circle. My first word in 2018 was abundance and today I’m sharing my goal of less. And really – they are the same idea. They’re about being content with what I have and finding the kernel of importance in what’s around me.

I had almost chosen thread for the year, thanks to the poem that Juliann first shared back in 2021. It was also on the top of my list for 2022 and I think it’s an excellent word. But less came to me while washing dishes a couple of weeks ago and it’s a very good fit for what I need out of the year.

I’m making lists of ideas, just brainstorming, in my notebooks. What would less look like in my life?

Simply put: less clutter, less waste, less spending.

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” –William Morris

Seems super simple right? But I’m not so good at being content with less despite knowing that all of the stuff cluttering up my home is a big part of what is overwhelming me day in and day out. I know my home will never look like it’s out of the pages of a meditation magazine, but less stuff can make a big difference.

Make things as simple as possible but no simpler.” — Albert Einstein

2023 will be the year that we cinch our belts tightly. We’ve made huge sacrifices to allow me to be a stay at home mom the last few years and those will be increasing this year. So I’m going to try to stretch our budget in creative and delicious ways and would like to share my efforts here. I’ve been inspired by Torrie at To Love and To Learn and her year of frugality. My goal is to live well on less — and I know it’s possible!

I hope to share more about my first steps next week. Colton came home from school early on Thursday with the flu and we have all fallen ill since. It’s been a hard weekend and I’m in no place to write much more today! But this was a good first step. I have enjoyed reading everyone else’s introductions to their words over the last few weeks and am looking forward to seeing how the year unfolds for us all. I hope to be back on Wednesday with a bookish update. Until then — take good care.


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  1. Love this word Katie and it is a part of my one word – that idea of living right here with what we have and not chasing after more. So sorry about the flu. Our crew had that for Christmas- ugh.


    1. Oh, the flu would have been awful at Christmas. I’m sorry that happened! And I love how our words are connected – here’s to a new year of focusing on what’s important.


  2. Very interesting post, Katie – and I love the idea. I have been culling and simplifying for awhile now, and am realizing that it’s most meaningfully perhaps, an internal process. Letting go of what keeps me stuck and/or holds me back — old patterns and habitual choices that can be culled to make room for more peace and mindfulness and gratitude in my life. I’ll look forward to reading how ‘less’ unfolds for you in the coming year.


  3. Wonderful choice and I look forward to reading your updates on this throughout the year. This year I had 2 colleagues lose parents and be faced with the tasks of clearing out houses filled with decades worth of clutter. Hopefully I have many years ahead of me, but I vowed not to put someone else in that situation. I don’t have a ton of stuff left since I have been decluttering for awhile, but I still have an informal goal to sell, give away, or donate at least one thing a week.


    1. This is definitely one of the reasons I am so intent on getting rid of stuff. I read The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning a few years ago and it really struck a chord. We just never know what’s going to happen in life and I don’t want all of this STUFF to drag everything down.


  4. I’m so sorry to hear that everyone is sick — hopefully you all feel better soon!

    This is a fantastic word of the year and I can see how it could be applicable and useful (and freeing!) in so many situations. I love how you contrast it with a previous year’s “abundance” — and it really is such a good example of the balance we all strive for. Maybe once you have achieved “less,” you will open yourself up to new kinds of abundance again!


  5. I hope the first Less you experience this year is less illness! I think there are so many ways you can take this word, and doing or using Less doesn’t necessarily mean making sacrifices. I think we could all strive to do less, for instance, in our carbon footprint, in what we waste, and in how we (especially women/mothers) tend to overextend ourselves. I hope it proves to be an excellent word for you.


  6. I am sorry about the flu. It seems as if you have had your share of illness this fall and winter. I like your word. I think we could all live better with less. I look forward to seeing how your year unfolds.


  7. So sorry you have all succumbed to the flu virus, and hoping you all get over it quickly. I shall be interested on how you get on with Less, similar to my Divest but coming at it from a completely different angle. Good luck.


    1. Thank you! We’re slowly getting better. I think people are sick everywhere right now, sadly 😦 And thanks for your kind words about my word of the year. I can’t wait to unpack it a little more!

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  8. Oh, this is a very interesting word of the year. I’m here for it! I am looking forward to seeing how your year goes. I think this is great – we are always searching for more, more, more, but sometimes it’s all about less.


    1. Thanks, Nicole! My mantra has already been: when in doubt, choose less! So I’m hoping it becomes easier to settle into the Less mindset as time goes on.


  9. Less seems like such a wonderful word to have chosen Katie. I do hope it serves you well. I’ve been trying to clear out clutter routinely (easier said than done), but I have some donation bags ready to go out the door. Sorry you all had the flu. Take good care!


  10. First, I am so sorry you are all down with the flu bug! Ugh, that just is miserable! I hope you are all on the mend soon.

    Now on to the good stuff! What an excellent word choice, Katie! I think Less has so many possibilities (that I likely would not even recognize without my year of FULL) I can’t wait to see how you turn your year of Less into your most abundant year yet! (And we are very much frugal here… we think long and hard before spending $)


  11. well ugh – I guess I only replied in my head! This word seems like the perfect coming full circle, Katie – and I just love the symmetry of beginning with Abundance and landing at Less … with many of the same underlying intentions! and those underlying intentions, focused on making the best life for yourself and your family, have really come to fullness through that journey. Wishing you a year FULL of LESS!


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