Less | A Knitting Lesson

It's the last Monday of the month, which means Carolyn is hosting an official one little word link-up! Be sure to visit her and the other bloggers sharing their words this week -- it's always a treat to read everyone's progress. I've been writing about my own word a lot this year, but this entry... Continue Reading →

Less | Setting Priorities

It's Monday again! I hope everyone's weekend was exactly what they needed. I'm sorry I skipped out on my Friday post; I was planning to share a stitching project that I finished weeks ago, but still haven't taken pictures of it. And when I saw Thursday slip through my fingers without a moment to spare,... Continue Reading →

Less | Smile, Breathe, and Go Slowly

Today is Carolyn's first official link-up for our 2023 words! Please visit her and all of the other one little worders sharing their reflections this week. I'm really excited about my word (Less) because I feel like it gives me a ton of flexibility. Yes -- my main goals are less clutter, less spending, and... Continue Reading →

Less | Pursue Ultimate Simplicity

"Dormice don’t work to a strict timetable; their hibernation is dependent on the weather. They spend the early autumn building up reserves of the liquid brown fat that make them squishy to the touch; as Hazel shows me, you can leave fingerprints on a hibernating dormouse, so fluid is the layer of fat underneath its... Continue Reading →

Less In 2023

This is my sixth year to choose a word for the year, believe it or not. Funnily enough, I feel like I've almost come full circle. My first word in 2018 was abundance and today I'm sharing my goal of less. And really - they are the same idea. They're about being content with what... Continue Reading →

Surrender | December 2022

This is my last check-in with Surrender! Like all of you - I am totally shocked that the year is ending. How did that happen? How have I written twelve of these updates? If you're interested, you can see all twelve here. And if you hover on "Word of the Year" above, you can read... Continue Reading →

Surrender | November 2022

Welcome back! I hope all of my friends in the States had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week. We had a lovely spread on Thursday that lasted us through the weekend. What an excess! And totally worthwhile. Now I'm feeling rejuvenated and ready to check in with my one little word for the year. As always... Continue Reading →

Surrender | October 2022

Happy Halloween! I can't believe it's the last day of October - my most anticipated month! And it has been a picture-perfect October, hasn't it? I couldn't have been happier with the foliage or the weather. But I'm here today to talk about how I've been engaging with my word of the year this month.... Continue Reading →

Surrender | September 2022

It feels strange saying goodbye to September today because there's still a few more days left! But it's the last Monday of the month and I'm joining Carolyn and my fellow bloggers in our monthly reflection on our One Little Word. Thank you, Carolyn, for being such a gracious and generous host! September has felt... Continue Reading →

Surrender | August 2022

If you can believe it, today is the last Monday in August so I'm here to check in with my word of the year, Surrender. Thank you to Carolyn for hosting this merry band of One Little Worders. She does such a beautiful job of creating a space for us to gather and to encourage... Continue Reading →

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