It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like… A Sweater

It is definitely not looking like Christmas around here! Today’s rain will wash away all of our snow, so we won’t have a white Christmas for the first time in about a decade. Bah humbug, I say!

I drafted this post yesterday but just deleted it all. It’s pretty clear that I’m a little Grinchy this year. So if you’ve gotten an email from me in the last week or so, I apologize for my grumpiness. There’s a lot about this particular holiday that is emotionally difficult for me and there are a lot of things bubbling to the surface right now. So I’m trying to stay focused on cleaning and baking this week. And curling up with just a bit of stitching at the end of the day has really helped.

My Junction sweater is moving along! The sleeves are separated from the body and now I’m working on that pretty stitch pattern. I feel good about having this completed by Valentine’s Day. Doesn’t it look like the perfect Valentine’s sweater? Remember when I bought the yarn and accidentally bought one hank of the wrong colorway? I just alternated rows with another hank of yarn until I used it all up — it’s not totally obvious in this lighting, but the yoke is definitely lighter than the body. And that’s okay with me because it’s certainly a unique sweater.

That’s all I have time for this morning. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and that Christmas goes off without a hitch if you’re celebrating. If you’re not, I hope you’re still indulging in good food and get lots of rest! Take good care.


8 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like… A Sweater

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  1. I think the sweater looks marvelous! I looked closely to see if I could detect the difference in color, and I honestly can’t — it just looks to me like you’ve used hand-dyed yarn and there’s subtle variation in the color because of it. It’s going to be a perfect Valentine’s Day sweater (I always think single knit stitches look like hearts).

    I’m sorry the past week has been bringing out the Grinch. I hope you can find plenty of joy in the next several days. Merry Christmas!


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