September 2022 Reading

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. On Friday I mentioned that I wanted to get to the mountains this weekend but thought it wouldn’t be possible. I’m happy to say that we went! The traffic was insane and the Kanc was crawling with tourists, but for good reason. The foliage was at peak and it was perfect. I will share pictures later this week because today’s post is for wrapping up my September reading!

September was a month for slowing down and settling into a new fall routine. I began the month disappointed with my pace and reading accomplishments, but came to terms with it as the weeks went by. We were all sick at some point and were getting used to our new homeschooling year — plus, I’d just come out of what might have been my best reading month ever in terms of quantity and quality. So a slow down was inevitable and exactly what I needed in the long run.

A few highlights from September:

  • I was worried I wouldn’t be able to squeeze in my annual September reading of Thornyhold. I got it in just in the knick of time and was so happy to revisit Gilly and her cozy cottage.
  • More Rosamunde Pilcher! September was a gorgeous book, full of the most dazzling details. I’m looking forward to Winter Solstice in December.
  • Shakespeare’s Secret quickly became my favorite middle grade novel ever. So smart, so well-written, and a super fun mystery. I couldn’t wait to start school each morning because I knew we’d begin our day with a few chapters of it.
  • I am still rooting for The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida to win this year’s Booker prize. It’s the Sri Lankan history lesson you didn’t know you needed.
  • The ambition of The Many Daughters of Afong Moy blew me away and I’m excited to see what else Jamie Ford has up his sleeve in the coming years.
  • Bronwyn and I have moved on to a new American Girl, Kirsten. We enjoyed her immigration story in September and have a good start on the second book in her series this month.

And that was my month in reading! I have no idea how October will actually pan out but I have some big plans. My general feeling is that it’s okay to have eyes bigger than my available reading time, because I never know how what’s going to happen.

And how about you? Was September a roller coaster for your reading life or was it a typical month for you? Did you read a book that you absolutely loved? Or was there a book you were hoping to read but were unable to get to? Please — I want to hear all of your reading woes and successes in the comments!


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  1. So, I’m trying to recall what I read in September. I finished reading Booth (interesting insights into the family and, sadly, so many echoes that resonate today) and listened to Olive Kittridge (loved it). Currently am reading Say Nothing. And am lost in the rabbit hole of trying to update my books on Goodreads. It could be interesting to actually engage with that site…we shall see. Thanks for your suggestions, as always. I will never run out of books to read!


  2. I’d say that was a very good month of reading! I thought of you the other week when we were in NH and visiting Mt. Washington! We had driven the Kanc the prior year, so didn’t do it this time. We were staying in Dorchester…is that near you?

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  3. September was a good month of reading for me. I did a fair amount of Booker Prize-related reading and listened to some really good audiobooks. I always feel like I could have read more every month, but I think that will always be the case no matter how many books I read! Seven Moons is definitely my pick to win the prize — one more week until we find out!

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  4. Steve was home more in September, which equates to not as much reading time. Sigh!

    Your had a fantastic month! (and I love the books you are reading with your kids!)


    1. Thanks, Kat! And I feel the same way when Matthew is on vacation. Because he works nights, I’m used to having the evening time for myself. It’s quite a transition when he’s around every night!!


  5. As l have mentioned before, I am on an Elizabeth Jane Howard kick, and I am on the fifth and last of her Cazalet books. How I have come to care about all the many characters! I’m not sure what I am going to read when I am finished. Maybe, for a complete change of pace, Shakespeare’s Secrets.


  6. Those all look great. I’ve only actually read one of them! This month we have been reading Brian’s Winter by Gary Paulsen…. love that series. We read from various other things too here and there. And I have several going of my own.


    1. We haven’t tackled any Gary Paulsen yet – thank you for putting him on my radar! Maybe I’ll pick up Hatchet at the library for Bryce’s bedtime readaloud? He just turned 9 and I think that might be a good age for this one. I hope you’re enjoying what you’re reading on your own! It feels so good to have that time for ourselves 🙂


  7. Glad you had such a good month. James and I also read The Phantom Tollbooth – we just finished it last night. Such fun!

    The best thing I finished in September (I started it in July) was Braiding Sweetgrass. Man, what a beautiful, essential book for our times!


    1. I’m so happy to hear that James loved The Phantom Tollbooth!! He’s at the perfect age for it. I think Bryce was a little too young, but I hope he picks it up on his own one day.

      And I’m so happy that you loved Braiding Sweetgrass! I was pleased that Kimmerer was named a MacArthur Fellow last week – well-deserved!

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    1. Yes! September includes Noel Keeling, Penelope’s son from The Shell Seekers. It was so fun to see him and his memories of Penelope again! And YES – The Phantom Tollbooth is so good. I’m glad I was able to read it with my son! Thank you for visiting 🙂


    1. Hi Linda! I’ve only discovered Rosamunde Pilcher this year and have read three of her novels (Coming Home, The Shell Seekers, and September) with a fourth one planned for December (Winter Solstice). She is wonderful and such a kindred spirit!


  8. I don’t see a lot of people talking about Mary Stewart’s books. I only read two books in Septembers, Chronicles of a Death Foretold and A solitary Dance. Both were really good.
    Have a great October reading month.


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