Friday | October!

What a difference a week makes! The orange leaves have crawled up our maple tree since I shared a picture last Friday and we’re closer to a totally turned tree. We’re hoping for a drive into the mountains this weekend to see how much the foliage has changed since our last trip a few weeks ago but that might not work out. It’s okay if it doesn’t because there’s still a few weeks of fall left! But really – it was like the leaves changed in the blink of an eye this week. It’s startling! Today I’m sharing a few exciting things from this week, including a visit from a predator. No chickens were harmed in the writing of this post.


We had a surprising visitor on Tuesday morning: a bobcat was sniffing around the chicken coops. This guy was about the size of a coyote, which is what I thought I was seeing at first. It took a second to register that I was looking at a CAT and not a dog. Totally unexpected! It prowled around quite a bit and I got a few pictures. I had an eerie feeling putting the chickens away that night but tried to ignore it, hoping that it had moved on because the chickens are pretty well-protected from predators. But then it came back on Wednesday morning! So we’re being extra careful with the kids playing in the backyard and with the chickens. No sighting on Thursday so I’m hoping it has given up on us.

We’ve had this week off from school and let me tell you – I didn’t realize how much I needed this break! The last two breaks we’ve had have been plagued with illnesses (covid and Colton’s bout of giardia). And it seems like we always get some kind of stomach bug for vacations and they never, ever seem to provide any rest. But I am so thankful that everyone has stayed well and relatively happy. It’s been a wonderful week for reading in lawn chairs under the maple tree and putting my feet up for a few minutes each day. I’ve really enjoyed our relaxed schedule with absolutely no (self-imposed) expectations and limited pressure on keeping up the house. And now we have six weeks until the week of Thanksgiving, which is when things will really start to pick up!

We had a rainy day this week and a bag of freshly picked apples, so I whipped up our favorite apple recipe, apple cake with brown sugar frosting. It feels good to be baking because it had been quite a while! Maybe I’ll squeeze in a batch of these gingerbread cookies today? I made them back in August and they were a hit.

Enjoying thinking about:

  • Your Work Matters. Build Your Schedule Accordingly – I’m working on an extra writing project and am trying to figure out how to reserve time for it while still keeping up with my blog and engagement here. Cal Newport always has some words of wisdom for me.
  • Mason Currey’s newsletter, Subtle Maneuvers. Specifically his current series: #Blocktober. You might recognize his name from a couple of beautiful books he’s written, Daily Rituals: How Great Minds Make Time, Find Inspiration, and Get to Work and Daily Rituals: Women at Work. I’m a paid subscriber to his newsletter because I love being able to help support creators and thinkers like him. It feels so much better than scrolling through instagram and passively supporting influencers who get paid to post about products!
  • Using my Zettelkasten system in a more efficient way. I’ve fallen behind on keeping up with Evernote and am slowly catching back up. I can’t help but think how awesome it would be to have actual index cards instead of doing this electronically, so that doubt sinks in and I fall behind. However, Evernote is much more efficient, tidy, and searchable. Evernote is the smart choice (for me), index cards is the aesthetic choice. I’m trying to convince myself to be smart!

Okay friends — that’s it from me this week. I’m planning to be back on Monday with my September Reading wrap up. I hope your weekend is full of exactly what you need. Take good care.


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  1. OMG, that Bobcat! And you’ve inspired me to use Evernote more ‘usefully’ for myself. We shall see. (Oh, and I went to a small retirement gathering for Dale Q yesterday — unbelievable — 34 years!!)


    1. 34 years is incredible! I can’t believe he’s retiring. Good for him!! I really love Evernote and am trying to wholeheartedly embrace it for note taking. But of course, I like to think of all of the other possibilities out there!! And that bobcat was wicked looking – so big!

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  2. Your tree is so pretty. I had never heard of Bobcats before, hoping the chickens stay safe. Glad you had some rest this week, and enjoy your weekend jaunt. Leaves are changing here, and the big sweep up will start shortly. Hoping to catch some Autumn colours myself this weekend.


    1. I think the chickens are very safe and that the bobcat might have given up on us — I haven’t seen it since Wednesday! Enjoy your leaf peeping this weekend!


  3. I excepted to hear you are writing. I was n the Vermonter train this week and wished I could go all the way to the end and visit Bennington 😂. The colors up there were beautiful


  4. That’s a scary visitor! We don’t get anything that exotic around us — I was excited to see a goldfinch on one of our sunflowers last week! — though my brother saw a very lost coyote on a bridge the other day. I’m glad to hear the chickens were okay, and I hope he moves on.

    Our trees have just started changing, and they are so pretty when the sun is out and some of the early changers look like they are glowing or on fire! You’ve got more than a few weeks of fall left, so enjoy them.

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    1. Thank you, Gretchen! It was a really nice week for us. Colton was home on Friday and developed a fever, but at least we made it through most of the week without any illnesses!


  5. OMGosh… Bobcat visitor!! How exciting and scary! I am glad your chickens are safe!

    And Cal Newport… isn’t he just the smartest about so many things?

    Your tree is just glorious, thank you for sharing!


    1. Yes – we are all safe! And no bobcat sighting since Wednesday so I think it’s moved on to easier prey. I really enjoy Cal Newport – he is SO smart! And I’m glad you enjoyed the tree. I’m anxious to see how it changes next week!


  6. Bobcat! Scary…glad all is well. I love the picture of the tree and I have been daydreaming about a trip to Maine to see the leaves. Here in FL the temp is getting up to 90 degrees today and I must say it doesn’t feel like fall. Earlier in the week it wasn’t so hot but here we are again. Enjoy the weekend!


  7. Oh my goodness – a bobcat. You must have your chickens quite well protected. I am excited that you are writing. You list some good resources. I have a bit of a writing practice but sometimes struggle to keep going. The tree is beautiful. I hope you made it up into the mountains.

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