Friday | Stunning Week

This gladiola stunned us when it opened earlier this week; we weren’t expecting any to be this gorgeous orange and lemony yellow. And even with new gladioli blooming, there are signs of fall. Our maple tree is changing color and we’re watching leaves fall to the ground at an alarming rate. Yesterday’s high was 68*F and today is forecasted to be sunny and the same. I wrapped up in a shawl while playing outside yesterday and slept in sweats last night instead of shorts. I’m about ready to pull out my newest hand knit sweater and wear it on my way out to the school bus with Colton in the mornings. Now we’re closing the windows at night instead of leaving them open to ensure that the heat doesn’t kick on!

I like to talk about the things giving me joy on Fridays. Today I’ll be sharing a little knitting, a tiny bit about our homeschool, and a few words about the Queen. My coffee is ready, so let’s chat!


I caked up the yarn from Sarah this week — isn’t it just gorgeous? I was planning to knit a pair of socks with it, but looking at it like this made me think that it needed to be used as colorwork on a sweater. I did a bit of searching on Ravelry and think that I’d like to try Norwood by Jennifer Steingass (Ravelry link). I was going to order some gray yarn but I think I’ll dig through my stash and see if I can find something that will work.

I finished up a pair of socks this week and started another. The finished pair is another set of DRK Everyday Socks knit up in ontheround Nimble Sock in Bayberry (discontinued color). This sock pattern has such a great fit and it’s the third pair I’ve made in the last year. I love it! My newest pair of socks is also the DRK Everyday Socks knit up in ontheround Nimble Sock. I’m using the leftover Bayberry for the toes and heels and knitting the body in Sugar Cookie. I recently frogged a shawl that I wasn’t loving and rescued this yarn. Now I can make more socks!

I put in a few more repeats on my Inclinations cowl (my Ravelry link) but not enough to warrant a picture. This project is moving so slowly because I’m always too tired to sit down and work on it in the evening. I can pick up/put down socks all day long, working just a stitch or two at a time, and progress is made. I’m nervous about doing that with the cowl because of the colorwork, working in half-fisherman’s rib, and keeping up with the increase rows. It’s okay that it’s taking a while… AND I am ready to move on to a fall sweater!!

We finished the second week of our new school schedule and my goodness — there is so much! Torchlight is such a rich curriculum and its creator has done a beautiful job of marrying history in with reading, writing, and the arts. Along with math and science, our day is full and I love it. And so far, Bryce and Bronwyn do too! I implemented an hour of quiet time this week out of necessity for this introverted mama and dare I say it? They’re even loving THAT. They stack up library books (a nice variety of picture books and books on drawing), run upstairs to their respective rooms, slam their doors thanks to the open windows letting in beautiful fall air, and actually STAY there until I call that time is up. WHAT? We’re only two weeks in to this school year and there’s plenty of time for things to go off the rails but I’m breathing a sigh of relief.

I’ve been following along with Queen Elizabeth’s services as much as I can. We keep the TV off most of the time during the day, but I’ve been able to watch highlights on PBS Passport while folding laundry at night. I’m struck by how often the commentators say how rare it is to watch this unfold thanks to the longevity of Elizabeth’s life. I can’t imagine how she managed to live so long given how stressful her role seems to have been throughout the years, but I think about daily tea, walks with dogs, and an active life outside. I can do that even though I don’t have a dog. (But Matthew is closer to accepting the idea of a corgi, which makes me thrilled beyond words. You might know that I’ve been wanting one for a very long time.) Despite how problematic the monarchy is, Elizabeth is an inspiration to me.

(I can’t remember if I’ve said this here, but if I could do everything all over again I think I’d be an archivist working in the Queen’s archives at Windsor Castle. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Although, I’d probably have to wear actual clothes, so maybe not.)

And now I must be getting on with things this morning. I wish you all a lovely weekend full of exactly what you need. I have no idea what this weekend will bring me but I’m hoping it will allow a little time for my nose in a book and knitting needles in my hand. Take good care!


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      1. I loved your flower. My grandmother use to grow them!! So, I have loved them for several several decades!!!
        You are motivating me to start a knitting project. The yarn is gorgeous. I also love the Queen and feel very British. Blessings to you as you home school. Have a good weekend.


      2. Thank you so much, Linda! I love how many people have shared that their grandmother’s grew gladioli and that these pictures have brought them so many memories. Let me know if you start a knitting project!!

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  1. Glad to hear your new school year is off to such a great start! I have been enjoying cooler weather and in just a little over a week I’ll be heading up to your area! We will be in NY, VT and NH for a little break – I cannot wait!!


  2. Your glads are stunning indeed! We typically get one stalk of blooms, if we’re lucky, but they’re just a plain yellow and don’t last long.

    I’m excited to hear how well that quiet time is working in your school day and I hope you can keep it up! I think students of all ages can benefit from a little “introvert time,” whether it’s for reading, reflective writing, thinking, or even napping! I like to have a little quiet time myself after lunch.

    We are big Corgi fans here, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can get one!


  3. What a lovely recap to your week, Katie! I will watch bits of the funeral I think on the 19th, but I am sure that there will be lots of parts replayed if I miss anything. Have a great weekend!


    1. Thanks, Kat! I ended up only watching the highlights that keep bubbling up. I didn’t realize it would be on so early AND all day! How exhausting for everyone.


  4. Beautiful gladiola Katie and what a color! Sounds like a lovely week and how awesome you’ve incorporated quiet time so you can have a a chance to do things you enjoy (knitting and reading of course comes to mind). That caked handspun is gorgeous and perfect a sweater 😀


  5. Wow, hooray for that hour of quiet time! Hope it continues! Summer is giving us one last gasp down here this week but by the end of the week it should be much cooler. The cooler mornings have been so nice. Have a great week, Katie!


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