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I’m sure many of you are feeling the same way this morning: the weekend went by too darn fast! I have to say that I didn’t manage to read at all thanks to my three children. And that’s okay because we stayed quite busy in all the best ways. Today’s post has a few pictures from the weekend and a little bit about what’s been keeping me occupied in the late evening hours.

We took a drive into the mountains on Saturday and found our little spot by the river again. We spent two hours throwing rocks and building dams which made sweet Colton VERY happy (he’s in the first picture). The boys were all fine in shorts and t-shirts but Bronwyn and I needed extra layers. I even wore my new DRK Everyday Sweater and it was wonderful.

The opening picture is of the Mount Washington Hotel and Mt. Washington. It was a beautiful day; typically the peak of Mt. Washington is covered in clouds. But we were able to see the Mt. Washington Observatory from the ground and the trains running up the mountain. All of the hikers must have had amazing views!

The foliage in the mountains is just starting to change. We’re hoping to get out on the Kanc a few times this year and wanted to make sure we had at least one visit before the tourists really descended. And I managed to knit about four rows of my Inclinations cowl on the drive up, so at least I did a bit of knitting this weekend!

I was pleasantly surprised to discover the new season of the Great British Baking Show has started on Netflix! It totally snuck up on me. The cast is lovely, the bakes look amazing, and I am in love. I can’t wait for the next episode. This is the most heartwarming show and I hope by now all of my blogging friends have dipped their toes into it? It will give you hope for humanity, honest. I had to watch the first half on Saturday night and the second half on Sunday night because of how tired I was and that’s okay. I looked forward to finishing it all day on Sunday!

The Queen’s funeral is today. I won’t be watching live because of school but am planning to watch the highlights tonight. Over the weekend I managed to watch her grandchildren and her children standing vigil (each are only 15 minutes or so). Perhaps tonight I will be able to make up for the lack of knitting time over the weekend?

Thanks to Fiction Matters I have discovered a new podcast: Once Upon a Time… At Bennington College. Bennington College is where Donna Tartt went to school and what The Secret History is based on? This is the perfect precursor to my reread of the book in October. I’ve only listened to the first episode but it is dark and fascinating. I have a feeling that I’m going to be so excited to pick up the book again after I’ve listened to this.

Here’s to a great start for your week. We’re expecting a rainy day and I’m already looking forward to curling up with a book and coffee during today’s quiet time. I hope you have something lovely and quiet tucked away in your own plans for the day. I plan to be back on Wednesday with an update on my reading, until then — take good care.


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  1. It looks like a fun and full weekend. I am sitting here thinking where did the weekend go???? It’s back to work today so I am packing my lunch and getting ready to head out. I have a new iced coffee pod I am trying by the suggestion of my nephew. I’m excited to see how it will turn out. I love all your pictures.


  2. I’m sure there will be plenty of quiet weekends when you’re stuck inside in the months ahead and you’ll be longing for a busy weekend outside in beautiful weather! I had also hoped for a weekend with a lot of reading, but it didn’t happen because I was busy doing other things — and that’s okay!

    I didn’t realize that the new season of Bake Off was up already! Kiddo and I have been enjoying the kids version (I think we have five or six episodes left and then we’ll start on the new adult season).


  3. What an amazing view, Katie! What fun for you all to have such fun outdoor times πŸ™‚

    I am nodding in agreement with Sarah… the time of burrowing inside is just around the corner!

    I saw that Bake Off had a new season, but we have not queued any of the episodes up yet.


    1. What a fun outing! For both parents and kids. Always fun to muck about in a stream. I am a longtime fan of The Great British Baking Show, and am looking forward to another season. Fridays will be interesting viewing nights in our home: Great British Baking Show and Power of the Rings. Well, they are both British. πŸ˜‰


      1. That sounds like a wonderful Friday lineup! I haven’t watched any of Power of the Rings… please tell me there are lots of hobbits. That’s really my only interest in the Lord of the Rings!!

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    2. I am so looking forward to my burrowing time! We’ve now watched the first two episodes of Bake Off and it just never disappoints us. So fun πŸ™‚ And thanks for your kind words – it’s such a lovely little spot and I’m very thankful we’ve found it!


  4. How wonderful to enjoy time outside … knitting and reading can wait because you know winter is coming πŸ˜‰ Marc recorded the ceremonies today and I can hear him watching as I type. I have enjoyed the highlights he’s shared, but mostly, I’m waiting for the Bake-off. We typically have to have a couple of episodes at the ready because hard to watch just one (or one half!) Have a great week!!


    1. I hope you enjoy the Bake Off when you’re ready for it! I don’t know how they do it, but they always find the PERFECT contestants. It makes me realize there are more kindred spirits in the world than I previously realized πŸ™‚ I didn’t end up watching much of the Queen’s ceremonies, just little bits in between school sessions. But my goodness — it went on all day. What an endeavor!


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