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Happy Wednesday, dear ones. I’m linking up with Kat and the other Unravelers to share my stitching and reading for the week. Knitting and books have been my solace this week and I’m excited to catch up with you.


I didn’t squeeze in as much stitching as I’d hoped this weekend, but look at how much the brioche section has grown on my Ramble Shawl! I did some unraveling early on and got the brioche yarn overs a bit twisted, so that mistake jumps out at me every time I look at it. But life moves on and so shall I. Friends, the squish factor is out of this world. I have a drawer full of brioche shawls and still — the squish surprises me every time!


The End of Days was a powerful book that forces you to think about the paths in your life. This was a series of short stories about the same woman, imagining 5 very different lives for her. My main takeaway: suffering is inevitable in life. And I must stop second guessing my choices because I have no idea what sort of life I’d be living otherwise!

Also: this is another book that illustrates the depths of suffering Eastern Europe experienced prior to and between the World Wars. That suffering is what gave Hitler his foothold, allowed him to press the us vs. them mentality, and festered such hatred towards a specific group of people. What a timely reminder that we have a responsibility to help those in need. It has such repercussions throughout history.

I read The One and Only Ivan with Bryce. There’s a sequel to this one which we read first, but I think it was fine to read them out of order. This is a story about Ivan, a silverback gorilla who is the main attraction at a run-down mall, just off of the highway. He’s made friends with the other animals at the mall and has accepted his sad situation, but he begins to wish for more for Ruby, an innocent baby elephant. He wishes she had other elephants with her and didn’t spent her entire day tied to the floor. He’s an artist, so he uses his art to call attention to the fact that Ruby deserves a real home. Things start to spin out of control for Ivan when he gets more attention than he bargained for. These are somewhat difficult stories to read and I think they might be too emotionally mature for my particular 8 year old, but I’m glad we read them because we had some great conversations about caring for animals and the best ways animals thrive in the world.

I was first attracted to The Paper Palace by its cover and title. And then I read its plot at home and thought ewww, so I returned it unread to the library. But it’s on the Women’s Prize long list and is actually in my library’s collection, so I borrowed it again and gave it another shot.  And I couldn’t put it down. The author beautifully told the multi-generational history of the family’s run-down shabby camp, lovingly and ironically dubbed The Paper Palace. It also showed us how young love sinks its hooks into you and, sometimes, just won’t let you go. I loved this author’s writing: it was sharp, poetic, and page-turning; I can’t believe it’s her first novel. And the ending. Can we talk about it?

And that’s going to be it for me — I’m off to read a bit before everyone else wakes up this morning. I hope to be back on Friday with a brief update on our week. Take good care!


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  1. The brioche design looks so nice. I’m impressed you can knit such a lovely design amidst the chaos young children bring to a home. Happy stitching, have a lovely day!


  2. Hope you got in lots of time for reading this morning. The weather here is so lovely at the moment my reading has become a nighttime activity again. Outside beckons so much. Great progress with the shawl which looks very soft and warm. Sometimes it is good to read books with difficult subjects with children, he had you there by his side to talk out the issues.


  3. That shawl… it looks so lovely. I really love your color choice! It makes the stitches just sing!

    And thank you, as always, for your book reviews. I have added a couple to my ‘read soon’ list. (then we can discuss that ending!!)


  4. That ramble shawl is beautiful. Love the colors. Enjoyed reading your short book reviews. “The One and Only Ivan” sounds particularly good, and I’ve just ordered it through our interlibrary loan system.


  5. I guess I have a few new books to add to my TBR list! The End of Days sounds fascinating, I sometimes sit around and wonder what my life would be if I made different choices. Would I be living a writer’s life in New England or writing news articles and interviewing people around the country? It’s always fun to think about where you could be.


  6. The brioche looks amazing! I’ve still never done brioche flat; I really should conquer that this year, seeing as it’s my year of doing things that seem difficult to me.

    Sounds like you’ve done some good reading this past week, too. I think I am going to wait and see what makes it to the short list for the women’s prize before I read too much more, though I’ve already read four books on the long list and want to read one other (The Island of Missing Trees).


  7. I can’t wait to try the brioche style. I am trying to put it off until I have some time to really immerse myself in it, if that ever happens lol. Thank you for the book reviews. Have a wonderful rest of the week.


  8. Your shawl looks lovely. I think you are making good progress. The Paper Palace wasn’t for me but every book is not for every reader. I’m glad you enjoyed the writing.


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