November Anticipation

Friends, I am so inspired by all of you. It seems like everyone is upping their blogging game and writing the coziest and most lovely posts – I am loving it! I’m dropping in today to share some pictures of life around here lately.

We’ve been having afternoon teatime everyday and this makes me so happy! Today’s teatime snack was Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies – we mixed up the cookie dough before we started our homeschool morning and then baked them after we finished up. By the time we came inside for afternoon tea, we were very happy to have these delicious bites waiting for us!

My hydrangeas are officially done for the year. I spent my outside time pruning this bush and cleaning out my window boxes. I’m already dreaming about spring flowers again, despite being very happy about moving into a dormant season and spending some cozy time inside. There are lots of gardening plans to be made and I’m hoping to spread rabbit poop in the garden this week – it is the best fertilizer we’ve ever used!

Somehow this yellow rose has kept itself intact (and the blurry bare feet in the background simply refuse to be shoved into shoes).

Many of you know that I haven’t been able to concentrate on books lately. But yesterday I picked up The Magic Apple Tree by Susan Hill. It was recommended as a cozy read by Amy at Hearth Ridge Reflections and it’s exactly what I needed! The author wrote about her life at Moon Cottage in the small village of Barley (near London, I’m assuming). It’s full of descriptions of nature, cozy home life, and intriguing recipes. Ahhh — it feels good to be reading again! Thank you, Amy! Now I need a cookbook published by The Women’s Institute and I will be set up for a cozy winter full of casseroles and soups. (And, in my wildest dreams, an Aga.) Also – I would welcome any book recommendations like this! Gladys Taber is on my list, but I’m not sure where to start.

The wind has been blowing all day and a few snowflakes fell. It was well below freezing when I woke up this morning and I spent my morning stitching time drinking a steaming cup of coffee and listening to the pipes crackle from the heat kicking on. I love this time of year and am looking forward to being snowed in and listening to the wind howl. I’m ready for the bears to fall asleep so that we can fill the bird feeders and invite new visitors into the yard – one of the best things about winter. I’m especially ready for gallons of hot chocolate, heaps of popcorn, and curling up with books with my kiddos. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it?


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  1. I love cozy posts like this the best too ❤ I've also struggled with reading this year, and I definitely am reaching more for cozy and comforting reads myself. I think you might enjoy Orchard House, which is a memoir by Tara Austen Weaver. I've also always found Katrina Kenison's work to be totally comforting — her Gift of an Ordinary Day is my favorite. Keep the coziness coming!


    1. Thank you for these recommendations! I learned about Katrina Kenison thanks to your blog and started Moments of Seeing… but I knew that you had a favorite and couldn’t remember what it was. I’ve added Gift of an Ordinary Day to my TBR!!

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  2. Enjoy your cozy fall. I’m glad to have the outside work slowing down. Unfortunately we’ve had a late fall and the trees still have most of their leaves. I like to get the leaves off the grass before it snows! Happy reading!


  3. Absolutely loved this post, Katie! Especially this sentence here…”I spent my morning stitching time drinking a steaming cup of coffee and listening to the pipes crackle from the heat kicking on.” Such a great moment of stillness for you. And I surely do love this cozy time of year, too!

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  4. Reading this post made me want to curl up on the couch with a big fuzzy blanket! I have been enjoying the change in the weather and the crisper mornings when I head out for my walk. I finished my cowl last night, soaked it, and then put it on the radiator to block overnight, and it’s almost dry this morning! I know the cooler air also means that dry skin season is coming, but I’ll gladly slather on the moisturizer to enjoy wearing sweaters, drinking hot beverages, and simmering pots of soup on the stove!

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  5. I miss those boiler sounds… we had a house with radiant heat and I loved it so much. But, better still were those mornings standing over the “in the floor” heat grate and letting the warm air billow out my nightgown. I don’t believe there was a better thing in all the world. Thank you for triggering that memory this morning!

    My favorite line… waiting for the bears to go to sleep. What a incredibly lovely image. (and cozy posts! Yes please!)


  6. Cozy posts are the best posts ❤ I love Gladys Taber's books. The first book I read by her was 'The Stillmeadow Road.' All of her books are cozy, but hard to find in the US. I have to get them through Inter-Library Loan. Having an Aga in my kitchen is a dream… maybe one day, when my mortgage is paid and I can build the perfect kitchen around one!!

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  7. It does sound like you are ready to hibernate in cosy paradise. I am hunkering in too, with knitting and soup. Have you tried the author Joanna Trollope? I think you will like her.


  8. I am so happy there is a mini-resurgence of cozy blog posts these days. It’s what my soul needs instead of news and arguing. I must check out this book, it sounds lovely.


  9. Cozy is the best! Those cookies bring back memories, my aunt always made peanut butter blossoms at Christmas. They were so good! I read Amy’s blog post today and now it has me thinking about writing down all those memories. My mom read books by Gladys Taber, she was particularly fond of Book of Stillmeadow. Wouldn’t an aga be awesome ! Enjoy your day coziness 😊


  10. Now, I’ve got to bake some ‘ne-nut blossom cookies, too. I’m soo hungry this morning. Woke late, no time for food before rushing out the door to get hubby to work. No excuse, just is. I’ll have some fruity oatmeal when I get back to the house. We had a hard frost night before last, and oh how beautiful the world is. All the trees are pulling out their fall decorations. this morning the leaves had just a small rim of frost around the gold. Beautiful! I’m thinking about spring, too, and about planting either a rose or if I can find one, a forsithia in the tire that we found and filled with good soil. I’ve always found Horse feces to be a wonder fertilizer (easy to come by here in Kentucky, too.). I did just finish reading a YA novel “Enter a Glossy Web” by McKenna Ruebush. It was really a good read. I’ll have to find the second book in the series, now.


  11. count me in for the popcorn and the cozy drinks … and maybe not so much for the howling wind and waiting for the heat 😉 I do love the idea of baking cookies and maybe that’s something Sara and I can add to our Thanksgiving menu!


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