Friday Joys

Happy Friday, friends. The sky is bright blue, the last few leaves are rattling on the maple tree in our front yard, and I have Colin Powell’s funeral on in the background (the military band is currently playing ABBA as I type this – I love it!). The kids are playing and I’m stealing a few minutes to check in with this space and share a few bits and bobs from the week.

When I first started drinking tea, I was devoted to Earl Grey. For some reason, I haven’t had a cup of it in years. I always keep a box around in case The Queen stops by and decided to have a cup of it yesterday. It was quickly followed by a second cup because I immediately remembered why I loved it so much! (And yes, that’s a drawing of Bart Simpson in my homeschool planner. I have an 8 year old who has just discovered the show!)

Yesterday I made two loaves of this bread and it was amazing. We ate it all before I could even snap a picture! I loved the description of bread baking in The Magic Apple Tree and it inspired me to fill my house with a yeasty, doughy fragrance. And the recipe was so easy so I’m sure this fall and winter will be full of fresh bread!

Did you see this essay in the NY Times? It’s written by a mother of a non-verbal autistic child and she beautifully captured so many of my own feelings. It centers around trying to soothe her child in the middle of the night when she has no idea what’s wrong — similar to what I wrote about in one of my Present posts last year. It’s so helpful to read about other people with similar experiences and worries. The author’s book is called I Dream He Talks to Me — which is exactly what I do. I have dreams of Colton speaking at least once a week. Sometimes it’s one word sentences, like a baby learning to talk. Sometimes I dream about him walking downstairs in the morning, speaking full sentences, and telling me exactly what he wants for breakfast and what he wants to watch while getting ready. I go upstairs for him every morning, hoping my dream has come true.

I’m not alone, and that makes me feel better.

I have one Bloom block to share with you today! Those leaves ended up a bit wonky and I’m working hard to smooth out those circles — I love how much I’m learning! This has been such a fun process for me. This is the seventh block; I’ve started the eighth and hope to be able to share it with you next week.

I worked a lot on my Shifty sweater last weekend and have gotten in a few rows this week. I’m excited to see how this all works out!

I’ve also worked on my Flower a Day project and a Mandolin quilt block, but no pictures to share right now. I received my copy of Winds of Autumn today and am looking forward to getting the threads and cloth to get started on Mighty Acorn, which is the last pattern in the booklet. I’m looking forward to the day when I have a great cross stitching stash and can just dig into any project that comes my way. It’s coming!

Thankfully this week has been less anxiety-ridden than the last one, which is part of the reason why I have fewer crafting projects to share — I did a lot more relaxing and playing! I hope your weekend is also full of relaxation and opportunities to play. Take good care and stay cozy!


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  1. Congratulations, Katie — you’ve written a sentence that I absolutely NEVER in my life imagined I would read: “…the military band is currently playing ABBA as I type this…”

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend; Colton will speak to you one day, I’m sure of it.

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  2. I read your note about dreaming your son speaking and my heart goes out to you. My great-grandson is autistic and was non-verbal till he was 3 yrs old. He is now 7 years old and his speech is perfect. After many many prayers my granddaughter got him into a speech program and his progress was remarkable. I know all autistic people are not the same, but I am praying for your son to be able to speak audibly to you. May God’s blessings shine upon you. Carolyn

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  3. I must admit that I’ve never cared for Earl Grey — it tastes metallic to me. But that means there’s more for you! I will take my English Breakfast any day and will happily sip with you.

    Parenting is the hardest job in the world, and I can’t imagine trying to parent without being able to communicate with my child. So you have all my love for being such an amazing mom to Colton.

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  4. Thank you for being so vulnerable and writing about your feelings about Colton. I’m so glad that you found kinship with the author of the NYT piece. I very much hope one day your dream comes true.

    I’m also glad you’ve had a better week! I’ve been struggling with anxiety and seasonal depression too. It’s good to be able to take the wins where we can find them!

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  5. My heart aches at your tender sharing of Colton… I cannot imagine but I am awed by your incredible honesty and your devotion to him.

    I am sending you hope that this week is as lovely as last week! That quilt flower is just gorgeous!


  6. oh I just love the community around your blog – your post inspired me to put a book on hold (it’s on order, but I’m first in line), and the comments … pure gold! I cannot imagine trying to make a perfect curve around a quilting piece or communicate with a non-verbal child, but your blog helps me understand my gap – and I can only hope that sharing helps you too. holding you in love. (also, used to love Earl Grey and now it gives me a headache 😉


  7. I’ve often thought that the first couple years of my children’s lives are so frustrating for me as a parent because I want to help so badly but don’t know what it is that they want. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on your struggle with your son, and your heart’s desires for him–it makes me want to be much more aware of those whose struggles are different than my own, and to be more understanding in all my interactions. Thanks for being able to be vulnerable with us and for sharing some of your deepest longings. I pray that one day he will communicate with you, and I also pray that you will be given the strength you need in the day to day, because I can imagine that on some days, that can be a very heavy burden to carry around.


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