A Friday in October

It is OCTOBER – my favorite month. The leaves are falling. The air is crisp. I’m drinking Just Elderflower tea by the pot. This is my idea of perfection!

We closed our windows this week. I’ll miss the fresh air in the house until we open them again in the late spring, but love how cozy it is to be snuggled away during the winter months. The mornings are strange now that the seasons are noticeably shifting. Last winter I welcomed the dark mornings at my desk. I’m not so sure this year, but there’s time to adjust.

A Few Good Things:

+ I wanted to order this iced tea pitcher from Plum Deluxe over the summer. They were sold out so I signed up to be notified when they restocked. I got an email this week saying they were available again and I ordered one without hesitation. I love the shape and that the lid has a filter for the tea leaves! I don’t think I’ll be using it until next spring, but I’m happy to have something to look forward to.

+ We have Apple TV now so I’ll be able to watch the Charlie Brown holiday specials this year. I missed them last season!

+ I bought this Halloween Sampler and the linen in 2015. I finally got the threads ($6 at JoAnn’s!) this week and am planning to start tonight – what a great way to kick off October!

+ Our refrigerator stopped working a couple of weeks ago. It’s the compressor and is a $1300 repair. Luckily we have an emergency savings account and were able to buy a (relatively) inexpensive fridge and it was supposed to be delivered today but got delayed. Maybe tomorrow?

+ Using a cooler has forced me to be mindful about how I use perishable food and to think about quantities I’m preparing. It’s been eye-opening, especially since our new fridge will be much smaller than our old one.

I didn’t do much knitting this week, but I did make some progress on my cross stitch projects:

Here’s to a fabulous October, friends. Bring on the hot chocolate!


10 thoughts on “A Friday in October

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  1. This is just what I wanted to read tonight. Cozy creativity. ❤️ We’ve been just basking in the glorious weather, also, Katie, albeit our annual flu/head colds {not the virus that shall not be named, thank goodness} have been annoyingly going through ranks.

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  2. A lovely post Katie and thank you for sharing the link for the ice tea pitcher. It’s finally cool enough in Phoenix to open up our windows and allow the breeze to come in. I can’t wait to see your Halloween cross stitch, I thought about buying that one. I too love October, it’s my favorite month of all!


  3. I am so thankful to live where we experience all four seasons fully. Though our windows are still open for now anyways…they are now washed and ready for clearly watching the leaves change.
    As much as I love summer I now long for the coziness of staying in and stitching and soups for supper!


  4. I could tell that the weather had definitely shifted toward fall earlier this week when I got home from picking up my daughter at school and felt like I needed to make myself a cup of tea! It’s that’s cozy time of year, and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve been cold in my house all summer from the air conditioning, but now it feels totally reasonable to curl up in socks and a sweater with a blanket. Maybe it’s also time to get out the cross stitch sampler I started years ago!


  5. Looks like an awesome sewing project you have going. I’m still slowly stitching on a sweet bag from the Piecework Magazine from Spring, I think. Anyway, my last thread purchase in floss from Joann’s was $32 something. That’s at $1.39 a skein for some special threads. Regular color floss is $0.68 cents a skein. It’s ramping into Autumn here, nights are chilly and days are still HOT! Humidity has been down a bit so it’s more breathable, though. Sorry to hear about your Fridgie. Life from a cooler isn’t easy.


  6. I’m glad you have so many cozy things to look forward to! Sorry about the fridge! October is not my favorite month (that’s May) but it’s a good one. I have been loving the cooler temperatures and lower humidity. I do NOT love more darkness, but it is what it is!


  7. Oh that stitching! *heart smiley face!* I hope the fridge was delivered … I can’t imagine days out of a cooler with a family of five!


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