Stillness | September 2021

It’s the last Tuesday of the month, so I’m checking in with Carolyn and my One Little Word. You can see all of my Stillness posts here.

September was a month of feeling unsteady, off-kilter, and not quite like myself. It was a time of paring down and changing focus. The biggest shift for me was the end of my morning journaling time and finding true contentment with focusing on the people and things in my home.

I’m not entirely sure how the shift started. It was possibly a combination of The Miracle of Mindfulness, Klara and the Sun, and A Tale for the Time Being. Something in those books helped me recognize how much I was escaping despite believing that I was being present and mindful.

September brought a true slow down: one blog post a week (down from 3), quitting my Goodreads reading goal*, and picking up slow stitching projects that required focus and patience. I spent more time planning our homeschool, painting and drawing with the kids, cleaning the house, cooking, and decluttering. It’s nice not to feel overwhelmed by those activities now and to not feel rushed to finish anything. The person or task in front of me is important and matters.

Have you listened to Emily’s episode from last week? A Soul Minimalist’s Guide to Autumn. It’s a wonderful reminder to do the things that make sense now, not necessarily what you’ve always done. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to make daily reflection a part of my rhythm again. It’s been a month since I’ve written a journal entry (other than in my 5 year journal, which I’ve faithfully kept) and I can’t imagine I’ll find the enthusiasm to return to that practice. So I’m thinking about what makes sense now. Maybe it will be showing up to my keyboard 20 minutes a day. Or a gratitude practice. Or something else entirely. I’m hoping I’ll have a chance to try out a few new things before we gather again in October.

As always – thank you for joining me on this journey! And I’m looking forward to catching up with all of you. Here’s to October (my favorite month)!

*Yes! I quit my Goodreads reading goal and stopped counting the finished books in my notebook of books. I felt like I was becoming too obsessed with the numbers and wanted to keep adding to the list despite having little interest in picking up a book lately. I felt the best way to end that obsession was to delete my goal.


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  1. What a journey for you Katie and good for you in taking the steps to make a meaningful change in your life. As the old saying goes, “take time to smell the roses”, a metaphor for me when it comes to embracing stillness.


  2. Katie, you are inspiring.. .so inspiring! Every day I face the challenge of choice… do “x” with this benefit or keep doing “y” with little or no reward. And, darned if I don’t almost always pick “y”… your wisdom and fortitude to make a hard choice inspires me. Thank you! I am going to spend a few still moments and see if that does not help me make better choices!

    And yes… I loved that post from Emily Freeman! 🙂


  3. I am sending you a virtual high five for recognizing that some of the things you were doing weren’t serving your personal goals and for letting them go. Just because you’ve done something for a long time doesn’t mean it’s automatically a good use of your time, and I’m proud of you for realizing that. I noticed that during the summer, I was very focused on reading books to fill my bingo cards, and my pace slowed down right after bingo ended because I think it was too much about a numbers game to me. I’d rather be slower and read fewer books if it means that I’m reading better.

    I’m hoping that as you reconfigure your time, you do find a little more time to devote to the blog — and I realize that’s entirely selfish of me, but I like hearing more about what you’re up to!


  4. I am so pleased you have taken these steps and enjoying life more. I have now reached day 400 of morning pages, all started because of you and I can’t begin to tell you how much they have helped. Enjoy those children whilst they are still little. Xx

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  5. I love following your journey…in so many ways it is like unto my own search for simplicity in a chaotic world. September has indeed been very chaotic, at least in my world. I’ve simplified my life a little more each week this month… and truth be know, I AM much happier for it. I’ve gotten back to my morning writing routine, too. It has given me a good grounding for the days. I hope you continue to find that stillness you seek, Dear One. Shalom, Bear


  6. Those are some very cool changes, Katie – yay you!! and yay us! I’m so glad you’re still blogging. I love Emily’s take on Soul Minimalism and I’ve also been thinking a lot about Kendra Adachi’s “living in the season” (do you listen to The Lazy Genius I am years beyond her target audience, but she’s taught me some good lessons and still makes me smile. You are smack dab in the bulls-eye and it seems like you practice a lot of what she teaches. Being Still certainly doesn’t mean staying put. I look forward to seeing where Stillness takes you next!

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