Weekend | Week 34 in 2021

Welp. It sure was another week, wasn’t it? I kept things simple: we had the week off from school and I didn’t put any pressure on us to do anything other than play, which made all the difference in the world given the state of things in the world. Today’s post will also be super simple because I have two children who are sinking in lava and are asking to be saved!

It’s been hot, but we’ve tried to spend as much time outside as possible. I finally took a picture of one of the many toads we have hopping around – they are tiny but plentiful. We’ve picked a ton of new tomatoes and I’m planning to can crushed tomatoes soon (it will have to be very soon).

I have been knitting this week! My spark cardigan is moving forward – I think I’ll probably knit another inch or so on the collar and then bind off. I’m pretty certain it will be ready by fall! It feels good to be working with my needles semi-regularly again.

I inexplicably started a pair of socks tonight. I wanted a quick and easy project that I could pick up/put down at a moment’s notice because my spark cardigan requires some wrestling. This is handspun yarn that I bought from Sarah! The yarn is gorgeous and perfect, as you would expect! I’m trying out the DRK Everyday Socks (ravelry link). Sarah kindly warned me to cast on fewer stitches than usual because of the silk in the yarn, so I decided to go down a size on the pattern. Hopefully that will do the trick.

And lastly, I’m hoping to knit a swatch for the Shifty (ravelry link) cropped sweater that I’m planning to knit with Sarah and Mary. I’m expecting to finish way behind them and that’s okay. At the end (whenever that will be) we’ll all have the same sweater, just in different colors. I’m excited and nervous about joining along with them!

And that’s all that’s in me to write today. I’m continuing to think about the people of Afghanistan, the soldiers risking their lives in extremely dangerous circumstances, the people of Haiti, the rising Covid numbers and hospitalizations, and the hurricane bearing down in the gulf. I hope to be back on Monday with my One Little Word post. Until then – take good care.


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  1. I am excited to see your handspun socks! I’m on my second swatch for my Shifty and have to go down yet another needle size; if, as I expect, I have to knit it on US 2’s, I may be the last one to finish of the three of us!


  2. I’m still working on a triangular shawl from the current Piecework magazine (pg. 38). I’m onto the second half. It’s the first I’ve knitted an edging and I’ve ripped far more than I’ve knitted, but it’s coming along nicely. I so enjoyed the simple pattern that I’ve started a second one in a varigated yarn. I’ve made those socks, too. I’m allergic to wool so I’ve used other yarns, but I’ve always enjoyed them. They’re comfy and warm.


    1. So glad to hear that your shawl is moving forward, despite ripping back! And thanks for the encouragement on my socks – the pattern definitely looks perfect!


      1. Oh, I just got a new stocking pattern at the Fair at New Boston (Revolutionary war era) can’t wait to start them. Have to find finger weight yarn, though, and it’s hard to find in time period colors.


  3. Love your knitting and yes, sometimes we just need to bask in nature and slow pace. Melissa Wiley ‘s blog, YEARS ago, had some posts about high tide and low tide homeschooling and I just LOVE that concept.


    1. Thank you for introducing me to Melissa Wiley! I’ve subscribed to her blog and was excited to see that she writes the Dart curriculum for The Brave Writer – which we’re using this year!

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  4. Toads are so cool! I’m glad you’ve been able to spend time outside with your family.

    This past week was A LOT. I had a few meltdowns. I think this is pretty common considering everything going on. Trying to balance being informed with allowing for joy and happiness too. Not easy!


    1. SO not easy. And it seems like every week gets a little harder? I’m looking for a place in the middle – acknowledging the joy and sorrow in the world right now. I’m lucky to have so many blogging friends who try to do the same thing!

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