Friday Cozies – Week 48 of 2020

Happy Day After Thanksgiving! I hope you had the best possible Thanksgiving for Right Now, enjoyed some delicious food, and spent a bit of time reflecting on this crazy year. Ours was low-key, just how we like it.

Throughout the week I collect little moments of joy and then share them here on Fridays. It has been a wonderful gratitude practice! This week’s collection is totally random. And I’m still doing a really bad job of taking pictures throughout the week – I will try to do better next week.

Matthew has had this week off for vacation and it’s made a world of difference. Despite feeling overwhelmed this past weekend, we were able to throw together a menu quickly and Matthew braved the world and did the shopping for us. We spent the week doing just a couple of things every day and by Thursday – everything was nearly done. And delicious!

Bug had a DTaP vaccination at his doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and the side-effects have been hitting him hard. He’s running a high temp and is super tired. But the joyous part is that his doctor’s appointment was the best we’ve ever had. He did amazing! Putting him in a small room with a relative stranger poking and prodding (however kindly and gently) has always been a challenge for him. His appointments require both Matthew and myself to keep him distracted and still, but I’m so hopeful for the future after this week’s visit!

Funny dialogue of the week:
Me: I must be getting old because I’m always so cold!
Bear: Mom, are you dying?
Me: No, I’m not dying. Just getting old!
Bear: If mom and dad both died, then I’d be an orphan. But if only Mom died, then I’d be stuck with Dad.

I couldn’t help but feel a little smug.

Television this week:
Thanks to Matthew’s vacation, we have finished the 4th season of The Crown – it was incredible! I thought every episode was amazing and can’t wait to see Season 5. Imelda Staunton will take on the role of the Queen and I’m certain it will be epic!

We started The Queen’s Gambit last night (finally!) and have watched two episodes. It’s another visually stunning show and the plot has been compelling so far. I’ve never been very good at strategy games but this show is making me want to learn chess.

And of course, we’ve stayed up to date with this season’s Great British Baking Show and I can’t believe the finale is this week. Each week is pure joy, plain and simple. I don’t even care who wins because everyone is always so wonderful. I’m planning to brew a pot of tea and indulge in chocolate pie and those beautifully decorated sugar cookies featured above. I can’t wait!

Friends, I must say that I’ve been very grateful for this little corner of the internet this year. Thank you all for being so encouraging, kind, and uplifting during this incredibly difficult year. I’m not sure what my life would be like without you all.

Please enjoy your weekend and stay safe. I’ll be back on Monday!


11 thoughts on “Friday Cozies – Week 48 of 2020

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  1. I look forward to your Friday posts each week and love the authentic and joyful randomness of them all! Hope Bug is feeling better. And, as you are probably aware, I hear it’s nearly impossible to purchase a chess set these days…;-)

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  2. Playing a bit of catchup this morning and what a delightful (especially given These Times) two weeks you’ve had! Queen’s Gambit was one of the best things we watched this month (and I loved reading this article about all the wallpaper – there are spoilers! and we still have a couple GBBSs! Your scrappy quilt is impressive. How much does it weigh? Wishing you a lovely weekend! (p.s., I ordered new pens and highlighters!)

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    1. Thanks for the spoiler alert! I’ll wait to click on the link. I’ve already heard a BIG spoiler thanks to listening to The 1A this week on the radio!

      Yay for new pens, highlighters, and the Bake Off!!! So much to look forward to πŸ™‚ And that’s a great question about the quilt… I will make sure to weight it after it’s all finished and report back!


  3. Apparently chess sets in the UK are also very popular, and I gather the interent is deluged with people searching for chess related things- a game I never got my head round- but draughts- I am a demon! Lovely news about your son- I wouldn’t have minded being stuck with my Dad, he was very gentle whereas Mum was an old bossy boots.

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  4. I am glad to see so much joy in your week! I found it to be a busy, stressful week, but it was all worth it — and all that cooking I did was a great reminder of how thankful I am for all that we have.

    My husband and I just finished watching Queen’s Gambit and loved it (I hear the book is good, too). We’ve got the new season of the Crown up next, and kiddo and I are planning to get caught up on GBBO later today!

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