A Sunday Poem – End of August Reflection

It’s the last Sunday of August and I just read something that’s perfect for a Sunday post. My new friend, Amy at Hearth Ridge Reflections, just shared it and it was too beautiful for me to just walk away!

“As August comes to her slow and dreaming end, the air has a special smell, the smell of ripening, the smell of drying hay, the smell of the piney woods in the cool of the evening. The strange rusty smell of marigolds and the prickling odor of zinnias, and so exciting to breathe it all in! I do not, ever, like ends. I like beginnings and rich plump middles, but ends are always sad. Of all the ends in this old unquiet world, though, the end of summer is one of the best. For the first small throb of color in the swamp maples in September is a fine thing to behold. And the first nip of the air on a golden morning is heavenly to feel after the languor of summer’s heat.” — Gladys Taber

Isn’t that the perfect way to end the summer season? There’s so much to look forward to with this transition into fall. I hope this Sunday brings you peace, calm, and some time in nature.


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  1. Even though I know that summer lasts for almost another month, somehow I always think of the start of the school year as the beginning of fall (my favorite season). It feels like fall today, so even though I’m thankful the flowers are still blooming and the bees are still buzzing, I’m also happy to have a cooler start to the day!

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  2. I’m always sad to see summer leave. I love the color of all the flowers, all the fresh vegetable from the garden, especially the tomatoes! I love going barefoot in the grass and hanging the clothes on the line. I love having the windows wide open and all the sunshine! Fall is nice when it comes but the end of fall is so sad and dreary. Have a lovely week, enjoy fresh tomatoes while they’re in season!

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    1. I remember you saying that summer is your favorite and you make a compelling case for loving it! The thoughts you shared recently about loving summer helped me get through August – my most dreaded month! So thank you 🙂

      Our tomatoes have all died, but I’m still taking advantage of my local farm’s seemingly endless supply of them!

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