A Look Into Our Notebooks – Week 35 of 2020

Happy Monday! On Monday mornings I like to take a look into my notebooks. Typically I share the previous week’s Hobonichi Weeks spread, where I keep my daily/weekly tasks, my habit tracker, and my writing tracker. This week I’m also sharing the preparation I’m taking for my notebooks in 2021 and a video featuring the August pages in my commonplace book.

I’ve continued my daily journaling and step streaks! I’m starting to feel the pressure with the step streak and want to just take off my apple watch and stop measuring that activity. But this morning’s entry into my journal marked Day 148! It feels like I was just celebrating Day 100 and now I’m almost halfway there again. Time flies!

Thank you all for your meal planning and meal prep ideas last week! I’m still working on it — I got takeout twice last week but spent a big chunk of time yesterday in the kitchen. I made two big meals (quinoa and black bean bowl and spicy peanut butter tofu) that I divided up into serving size containers and put them in the fridge for easy access throughout the week. I also cooked extra quinoa and rice so that it would be super easy to throw something together. I’m hoping this is a good week for eating at home!

In other news on the notebook front, I’m starting to transfer all of my 2020 daily entries into my 5 year book. Crazy, right? But I’ve decided that I want to start using my 5 year book in 2021 and hated the idea that there would be daily entries from 2020 hanging around in a different notebook, all by themselves. I have some entries from 2018 and 2019 in the 5 year book already, so things are going to be really uneven and strange, but that’s okay. I thought about taping index cards over all of those entries so that each page would start with 2020, but decided that I didn’t want to cover them up! I really enjoyed reading them as I was flipping through the book, so even if some pages start with 2018 or 2019 and others don’t, there’s still value in keeping them around. I spent a lot of time transferring over the entries at the end of last week. I’m working backwards and have got all of June, July, and August into this new notebook. I think I have a manageable plan that will ensure that I get all of 2020’s entries into this notebook before 2021 starts!

This summer I repurposed one of my Moleskine Cahier notebooks to use as a commonplace book. I haven’t been very faithful with it, but did manage to fill a few pages in August. I wanted to share them here in their messy and coffee-splattered glory. This notebook is inserted into my Travelers Notebook (TN), which is a bit too small. I’m hoping to upgrade my TN in the new year, but it’s working for now. It’s mostly full of poems I’ve seen on other blogs, quotes from books, and ideas for blog posts. I hope to find ways to use this notebook more often!

Do you have a commonplace book? I’d love to hear how you use it and how you work it into your everyday life!

I’m inviting you to share something you love about your own notebooks! I love blogging about my notebooks every Monday because it helps ensure that they don’t wind up in some dusty corner somewhere. So if you’ve written a blog post recently about your own notebook — whether diary, bullet journal, nature journal, planner, art journal, or anything else! — you’re welcome to share the link below! Thank you for the inspiration!

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11 thoughts on “A Look Into Our Notebooks – Week 35 of 2020

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  1. I am so impressed by your diligence in keeping multiple notebooks going — I can barely keep my one journal going on a daily basis! But I guess it’s a habit like anything else, and you are lucky to have formed a habit that will allow you to look back on may years of your life.

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    1. Thanks Sarah! You’re right – it’s habit. Unlike Juliann, I do spend a little time with almost all of my notebooks each day, but it’s truly just small pockets of time that add up to something much greater!

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  2. So much exciting news here. Well done on the meal planning and prep! I have wanted to start a 5 year journal. What kind of book are you using? And I do have a commonplace book, sort of. I think the notebook I shared today is like that, a place for note keeping. Notebook Mondays are my favorite day!

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  3. I think those 5-year journals are so cool! and yay for the meals! my commonplace book is one of my TN inserts. I have ONE blank page left in it, and I’ll for sure share some of it when I put a new set of blank pages into my folio.

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