Hobonichi Weeks – Week 21 of 2020

Greetings, friends! On Mondays I take a few moments to reflect back on the week that just ended. I track my days in my Hobonichi Weeks. The weekly format is perfect for leaving the previous week behind – well documented, of course – and starting fresh each Monday morning.

In my Weeks, I track my daily/weekly tasks, habits, and writing time. I also try to spend a few minutes each evening writing a few sentences about the day (but sometimes end up doing this the next morning). This format has been serving me well in 2020 and I’m pleased to have found something that has stuck!

Last week was gorgeous. The weather was perfect for spending hours and hours outside every day, which we took full advantage of. Soon enough I’m going to dread going outside in the summer sun so we’re stretching out spring as long as we can! I didn’t do a lot of “extra” household chores that I wanted to get done, but I did most of the basics so I’ll count the week as a success!

My step streak has continued – 46 days of 10,000 steps or more. This is just amazing to me, considering that I used to struggle to get even 5000 steps in a single day when I had a desk job. Most exciting is that my journaling streak has continued – this morning was my 50th straight day of writing in my journal each morning. Friends, I have another life goal: Honoré at Morning Glory Studio recently shared that she’s on a 7300 day journaling streak. Dare I even try?! YES!!!!

I didn’t do any knitting over the weekend like I’d hoped. I think I’m a bit disillusioned with my Birkin sweater – it’s clearly not going to fit me well so all of the excitement has drained out of me. I think it will end up being my early morning chicken chores sweater, which is fine. And it’s not like I leave the house very often even when the world isn’t locked down, so I can still wear a lumpy and strangely shaped sweater without worrying about odd looks from others. I’m going to try to finish it up this week so I’m ready for the TTL MKAL on the first. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

I plan to be back tomorrow to share my progress on my Word of the Year! Stay safe until then!


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  1. How wonderful you are meeting goals for the 10,000 steps and journaling. You might want to make smaller challenges for journaling, like daily journal entries every month. That way it won’t be such a big goal. If you meet your smaller goals, the big goals happen! Sorry about the sweater, I think it looks so pretty. I can’t imagine ever starting a project like that. Hot weather is on the way to your home but it’s so nice to be warm again. Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks Gretchen! That’s good advice. I like thinking about it in even smaller chunks, like weeks. That’s a bit more manageable for my brain!!

      And thanks for your kind words about my sweater – I’ll still be able to wear it, I’m just being whiny :p

      Have a great week and enjoy the warm weather!


  2. Ugh I’m sorry about the Birkin. I’m in the same place with the top I’m working on – I don’t think it will fit well at all but I just want it done at this point.
    I’m so impressed with your journaling and step goal streaks – that’s awesome!

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  3. Well, from one accused of wearing rags at home, you may find extra joy wearing your beautiful sweater to do chores. Sorry it’s not met your fantasies.

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    1. Hahaha – you work hard around the house! You’re not supposed to dress up for that are you??!! 😉

      Thanks for commenting, Elizabeth. I STILL think you would have an awesome blog. hint, hint


  4. That’s an excellent step streak! I’ve been trying to get 10K every day and do get it most days, but sometimes the weather doesn’t allow me to get out for a run or walk and I feel super lazy.

    As to your Birkin, I’m sorry it doesn’t fit well, but I seem to remember that it was a common problem with this pattern, so you’re not alone. It’s still beautiful and (I assume) still functional, and I’m sure you’ll appreciate its warmth on cooler days.

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    1. Thanks Sarah! It’s impressive that you still get to 10k so often even though you’re still working from home. I was never able to do that!!

      And thanks for letting me know that fit was a common complaint about the Birkin. That DOES make me feel better!

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  5. I am excited for the TTL MKAL as well! Your journaling is inspiring, I have tried to do some bullet journaling, but it does not work well for me (or maybe I don’t work well with it? lol)

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    1. You know, I don’t think bullet journaling in the “traditional” way works very well for me either. I get overwhelmed with drawing spreads every month! That’s why I like the hobonichi weeks – the days/weeks/months/years are already created for me and I just find a way to use them that’s helpful.

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