Reading & Knitting Round Up – Week 9 of 2020

Happy mid-week! On Wednesdays I love to participate in two linkups:

  • Kat at As Kat Knits hosts Unraveled, which is a community full of readers and knitters who share their current projects, and
  • Sam at Taking on a World of Words hosts WWW Wednesday. The Ws stand for: What are you currently reading? What did you recently finish? and What do you think will be next?

Please go visit their blogs and all of the lovely bloggers who participate.


Finished This Week:

Nemesis was exactly what I needed to break the little reading slump I’d been having. I tend to be super grumpy in February and that grumpiness extends to whatever I’m reading — I often think it’s all garbage. But Nemesis was a mystery that reminded me why I love Miss Jane Marple so much. It was full of the coziest and sweetest details that I love. It wouldn’t pass the #metoo movement today, but Christie was a woman from a very different time — but I kept hoping that Miss Marple would put those men in their places.

Anne of Avonlea was another delightful read for me. Although still in Avonlea, there’s a whole cast full of new characters to meet and enjoy. My favorite was Miss Lavendar Lewis in her stone cottage in the woods. Her tea parties sounded so enchanting and it made me long for kindred spirits of my own. I’m still on track to read one of these each month, but it made me nervous that I pushed this one so far into February. I’m hoping to read the third in the series much earlier in March!

Operating Instructions was a gift from my friend Jordy before my third baby was born. And then she gifted me a second copy this year for my birthday! I took the hint and read the book. This was Anne Lamott’s diary of her son’s first year. It chronicled her life as a single mother, scrounging for money, feeling the grief of her father’s death a decade earlier, and then a devastating diagnosis among her circle of friends. But it’s also about how important friendship and family is, especially during the incredibly difficult first months with a new baby. And, of course, I love how Anne shares her faith with the world. This is funny, sad, heartwarming, and hopeful – all in a tidy little package. Thank you, Jordy!

Currently Reading:

I’m continuing my journey through The Chronicles of Narnia. I’m so confused by the order of these things. There’s at least two different ways people suggest reading them: publication order and chronological order. I’m mostly reading it in chronological order, so this is book 4 in the series (just ignore that the image of this book says book number 2!). When it’s all over, I’ll go back and read Book 1 – The Magician’s Nephew, which was actually the last book published. Was that clear? Good. (And I’m not really enjoying the series, but I’d like to read the whole thing before saying so outside of parenthesis.)

Up Next:

So many books are calling! I picked up Bitter Orange and The Ten Thousand Doors of January at the library on Saturday. Both covers are beautiful and I can’t wait to read them! I have A Long Petal of the Sea checked out from Overdrive, but am worried that I won’t be able to finish it in time. Luckily my library has a copy, so I can always pick it up there instead of getting back on the massive waiting list. I also have A Room Full of Bones checked out on Overdrive, but I never seem to prioritize this series despite enjoying it so much. Ruth Galloway — I am sorry!


I have a finished sweater for my oldest! As I feared, it’s a touch smaller than he’s used to, but it will be a good layering piece this spring. I’m excited to have it done and especially excited to get started on my next project – The Birkin sweater! I finished this sweater on Friday and have yet to block it or pick up my needles again. I’m so hot and cold sometimes!!

Thanks for visiting today! How has your week been going so far? I’d love to hear what you’re excited about!


14 thoughts on “Reading & Knitting Round Up – Week 9 of 2020

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  1. LOL, thanks for reading Operating Instructions, Katie! My work here is done…;-) I remember reading Narnia my freshman year in college and being enthralled by it. (But as I recall, it was also during finals, so maybe it was the pure escapism of it all that had me hooked.) I was also at my most religious at the time, so that probably had something to do with it, too.

    Right now I am reading At Swim-Two Birds by Flann O’Brien. It’s an odd book that is a bit difficult to get into but has me, now, quite looking forward to getting back to it at night. Here are a couple of interesting comments about it:

    “’Tis the odd joke of modern Irish literature—of the three novelists in its holy trinity, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and Flann O’Brien, the easiest and most accessible of the lot is O’Brien. . . . Flann O’Brien was too much his own man, Ireland’s man, to speak in any but his own tongue.” —The Washington Post

    “As with Scott Fitzgerald, there is a brilliant ease in [O’Brien’s] prose, a poignant grace glimmering off every page.” —John Updike

    “One of the best books of our century.” —Graham Greene

    Who knew? Thanks for your posts, Katie — always interesting and fun to read!

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    1. I’m thankful for your pushiness about Operating Instructions!! 😉

      Prince Caspian, in particular, was difficult for me. I tried to read this series about ten years ago and remember feeling that way then too. So I’m hoping that next month’s will be more exciting!

      Thanks for the O’Brien recommendation – it sounds like it’s a beauty!

      I miss you!


  2. I love your Wednesday posts! 1 of my kids loved the Narnia series, 2 did not and I don’t believe I have ever read all of them, although I love other things CS Lewis has written. Thank you for the reminder of the Ruth Galloway series! I have just read the first book and she would be the perfect person to welcome in March!

    That sweater is perfect! (And, I can’t wait to see your start of Birkin!)

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    1. Thanks Kat! The Narnia books are so short that I believe I’ll be able to finish the series this year as planned, so I’m going to soldier through and hope that I end up loving them!

      Ruth Galloway is so much fun — I hope we BOTH get to read one of her books in March.

      And thanks about the sweater. It’s a bit disappointing in length, but I totally predicted that all along. I should have done something about it then, but oh well. On to the next!


    1. I’m glad to hear that Prince Caspian was a particularly difficult book for others, too! March will be Voyage of the Dawn Treader – much more exciting!

      Thanks for reading today!

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  3. Katie, I am very sorry to hear you are not really enjoying The Chronicles of Narnia – It is one of my favourite children’s series. For a first read though, I would have highly recommended reading the series in publication order, so that you can follow the Pevensie children’s adventures in order, and then had the other books as extras afterwards.

    Here’s my WWW post: 🙂

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    1. Oh, darn. I debated and debated what to do, but finally decided to just follow the numbers on the spines of the copies that my library had. I thought it would be much easier that way! And it is easier to keep up with the order, but it might not be the easiest way to read them!!

      I’m not giving up on the series and will still try to finish them all!

      Thanks so much for your link!


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