Reading & Knitting Round Up – Week 6 of 2020

Our maple tree with the bluest sky!

We are in the middle of a lovely week in New Hampshire! Temperatures have stayed a bit higher than normal and we’ve had a tremendous amount of snow melt – it makes for muddy floors but lots of fun outside time! I am dreaming about vegetables and flowers, but I know that’s still going to be quite a while.

On Wednesdays I share the books I’ve been reading and my current knitting project. I love this practice – this weekly check-in truly helps me keep my mojo in both arenas. I feel like I’ve finally found the knitting/reading balance that I’ve always been looking for (for now)!

I also link up with two really great bloggers:

And this month I’m also joining Yarnalong with Ginny!

Won’t you visit them and the other bloggers who link up on Wednesdays?


Finished this week:

This almost got listed in this week’s “abandoned” category and I have to admit that I did a lot of skimming just to finish this. I loved the idea of How to Do Nothing: resist all of the media conglomerates who profit from our addiction to social media and replace that time by forming a true sense of belonging in our physical environment. I agree with Jenny Odell 100%! But this ended up feeling like a personal essay that just kept going and going and going… It was full of personal anecdotes, with examples from the wisdom of her parents, experiences from several artists in residence positions that she’s held, and several tweets from her own Twitter feed. Plus, hundreds of pages about ancient philosophers that were difficult for me to follow. So – this didn’t work for me as much as I wanted it to!

Currently Reading:

This is such a weird little book! The characters are weird, their situations are weird, and I have no idea what’s going on. Weird, but do I like it? I can’t decide!! I only have about 10% left, so I hope I have decision when we meet again next week.

Up Next:

I’m so looking forward to Lethal White. I recently heard that JK Rowling has finished writing the manuscript for the 5th Cormoran Strike novel, so perhaps it will be published in 2020? I am determined to be ready for it!

I was very encouraged by everyone saying they also wanted to read more Agatha Christie this year! I hope Nemesis is as good as I want it to be.

A big thanks to Laila for recommending Bitter Orange to me in a recent comment! This sounds like an atmospheric and creepy read. I’m usually game for any novel that’s set in a dilapidated English country mansion!

And I hope to read Anne of Avonlea this month – the second in the Anne of Green Gables series – to keep up with my goal to read the whole series in 2020.


Last week my goal was to make it to hem of my current sweater and I’m there! Woohoo! I think I mentioned in Monday’s post that nap time knitting hasn’t been going so well, so I’m definitely happy with this progress. It looks a little short so I’m going to compare this with another sweater – I might decide to unravel and add a few inches to the body before finishing up on the hem. I was hoping to set a goal to finish a sleeve by next Wednesday, but sometimes unraveling must happen!

How has your week been? Has the weather been curiously spring-like in your neck of the woods? Or are you still feeling the full power of winter? Are you reading anything you want to share? Or working on a crafting project that you’re loving? Please tell me!


22 thoughts on “Reading & Knitting Round Up – Week 6 of 2020

Add yours

    1. They are so much fun! I thought that I’d reread the whole series about 10 years ago, but realized that I hadn’t gotten past the 4th book. So I’m hoping this is the year that I FINALLY read the whole thing! I’m finding that they are nice palette cleansers and don’t require too much mental energy – so lovely!


  1. I love your posts, it truly feels like I am sitting with you listening to you – and it is wonderful!! You inspire me to step out of my plans and readjust all the time – and that is such a good thing! Our weather has been topsy-turvy this week – highs in the 60’s then plunging to the 30’s. I really don’t know what to wear from one day to the next! lol

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    1. You’re so kind! Thank you! I’m glad we’ve found each other’s blogs πŸ™‚

      Layers! Layers are always a good thing, ha! But I guess I’m lucky – it rarely gets out of the 30s this time of year, so dressing is always easy. Layers! πŸ˜‰


    1. Oh, it was so weird. I’m hoping to post a goodreads review this morning, but I’m not sure what I’m going to say until I actually get it done. These types of books are so hard for me to wrap my head around!

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    1. We are on the same wavelength! I would say give How to Do Nothing a shot – a lot of people loved it! I’m very weird! But let it go quickly if it doesn’t feel like it’s your thing, because I don’t think there’s anything different towards the end of the book, if that makes sense.

      Thanks so much for your link!

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    1. I’m an advocate of rereading Anne of Green Gables every 10 years or so – each decade of our lives allow us to see things a bit more differently!

      Oooh, I hope you read Bitter Orange soon. I can’t wait!! And I finished Catherine House last night and am still not sure what I think about it. Grrr. Thanks for your link!


    1. I think editors might be a little afraid of Rowling! I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it – it’s encouraging!

      I think your blog posts on your year of Anne is what encouraged me to pick up this series again (a couple of years later!). So thank you!

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  2. I’m picking up my next Agatha Christie read soon as well, although I’m sticking with Hercule Poirot for now… And I’ve heard great things about Bitter Orange. Have a wonderful week and happy reading! Here’s my WWW.


    1. I haven’t read many of the Hercule Poirots even though many people identify him as their favorite detective! After I finish Nemesis I think I’ll look for a Poirot!

      Thanks so much for your link!


  3. Bitter Orange and being up for a story set in a dilapidated English manor house sounds good to me. I’ll have to check it out. Winter here – with a dusting of snow yesterday. I know it is unpopular but I am hoping for one sizable snow before winter’s end. Great sweater progress – I well remember those golden hours during nap time – when they happened.

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    1. I hope you love Bitter Orange! I’m with you on the hope for another big dump before winter ends – even though I’m itching for spring, snow can still be fun and beautiful!

      Thanks for your words about the sweater progress. The week of no naps has continued, so I’m looking for other places throughout the day to squeeze in a few stitches. Oh well — it will get done eventually!


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