2019 Reading – By the Numbers

Today I’m sharing the statistics that I’ve collected on my reading for 2019. It feels safe to do now because I don’t think I’m going to finish anything else this year! Strictly by the numbers, this is the best reading year of my life. I can credit that to really focusing on reading and making it a priority in my life. I’ve turned off the TV in the evenings after I put the kids to bed, ignored the news (which is hard for me!), and got lost in stories and the words of others.

I track my reading life in three different places. The first is the Moleskine notebook that I wrote about yesterday – there I simply track title and author, date started/ended, and whether it was a library book. I also track my reading on GoodReads, but that’s more for the social aspect of reading and sharing books. But here’s the real nitty-gritty. Here’s how I really track my reading and collect my stats:

I have a Google Sheets document that I fill in using these columns:

And I take the data from those columns and use pivot tables to give me any sort of information that I’m looking for. It’s a wicked fun process and I love checking my pivot tables throughout the year! So, away we go!

In 2019, I attempted to read 105 books. I finished 81, abandoned 23, and am currently reading 1 (Little Women, which I doubt I’ll be able to finish before the year ends!).

Of the 81 finished books, I read 27 that were published in 2019 and 16 that were published in 2018. So basically a quarter of all of my finished books this year were very new releases! Never in my life have I done this. It feels good to feel like I’m up on many of the hot new books, even though there are so many books published every week that there’s no way I can actually be totally in the loop! You’ll see that there’s one 2020 release in there – that’s Code Name Helene, which I got as an Advanced Review Copy from Netgalley. It will be published in March 2020.

My source of books was very important to me this year. I wanted to limit my spending and utilize the library as much as possible – and I did! 2 of my books this year were Advanced Review Copies (ARCs), 64 were from the library, and 15 were books that I either owned previously or recently purchased.

I was also interested in how many fiction vs nonfiction books I was reading AND the gender of the writers. Am I taking men’s writing more seriously or women’s? Let’s break this down clearly:

I read a total of 62 fiction books and 19 nonfiction books. I read 67 books written by people who identify as female and 14 books by people who identify as male. I clearly read many more women, but it was the next paragraph that I was most concerned about.

Of the 19 nonfiction books that I read, 16 were by females and 3 were by males. I knew that I read many more women than men in general, but I was concerned about those nonfiction titles. Would I take the nonfiction work of men more seriously? And the answer – NO! Wahoo!

I wanted to break down the source of my reading by the format. Am I reading more library books on my kindle? More of my own books in book format? What does that look like?

I finished 3 audiobooks this year and they were all from the library.

I finished 50 physical books this year. 44 were from the library and 6 were from my own shelves.

I finished 28 books on my Kindle this year. 2 were ARCs, 17 were from the library, and 9 were ones I purchased on my own.

This is a fun little graphic. I finished 81 books. I read a total of 25,980 pages. The longest book I read was 560 pages (The Huntress), the shortest was 125 pages (Make Your Bed), and the average number of pages per book worked out to be 337.

This post was strictly by the numbers, but I’ll be back on Tuesday with my favorite books of the year. I’m loving seeing everyone’s roundups! That’s the best part of blogging, I think. Cheering each other on!

I hope this tracking is something that I can continue in 2020 because it’s just so much fun! How do you track your books? What aspects do you like to track? What’s the most illuminating thing you find when tracking? Or maybe you don’t track at all? Tell me what works for you!


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    1. Thanks! It has been a thrilling reading year. I only hope to match it in 2020. And I’m really happy with my spreadsheet! There are so many variables that other people track that I find interesting, but I worry that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with much more. Spreadsheets are the best!


    1. But you still have some really great stats to share at the end of the year! So whatever you’re doing is working. And still – google sheets is pretty awesome. I was an excel devotee for the longest, but Sheets has done an amazing job replicating Excel and it’s FREE!

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