Wednesday Round Up – 12.25.19

Merry Christmas! I’m so happy to be here, bright and early, on Christmas morning and sharing my weekly reading and knitting with you. Presents are wrapped and under the tree, breakfast trays are in the fridge and waiting to be popped into the oven, and my three littles + my sweet husband are still sleeping. And I’m here, at my desk, with my notebooks scattered around, hot cup of coffee, and reading lamp.

It’s been another great week. Wednesday posts are my favorite of the week because I participate in two lovely linkups:


Finished This Week:

Watching You was a total miss for me, but if you like thrillers then you might love it. It has a pretty good rating on Goodreads and is genuinely twisty and turny. If you’re a fan of Ruth Ware, then this is definitely a novel to add to your TBR. I think that thriller just isn’t my genre because I rarely find them thrilling. Give me a solid Agatha Christie novel and I’m happy!

Oh, The Starless Sea. Oh, what do I even say? I am so torn about this book! I LOVED it! In the beginning. I devoured the first half of the book, but had a much more difficult time with the second half. It’s full of so many references to other books and authors and it was a lot of fun spotting them. The characters are quirky and the settings are full of bookish delights. This novel is a love letter to Ravenclaws everywhere. But the second half became bogged down by my confusion, which was probably my own fault because I excitedly read the first half so quickly. I am going to read this again in a few years, because the world that Morgernstern created is so complex and rich that my simple brain couldn’t process it all. I’m so glad I read it because there’s so much to love here!

Currently Reading:

I’m listening to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on audio thanks to Nikki’s inspiration. I didn’t check out the electronic copy from my library’s overdrive system like I usually do. This time I got physical CDs from the library because I want to make sure I’ll have time to listen to the whole thing before I have to return it. I’ve had an awful track record with audiobooks lately and am hoping this will change the game for me! I expect this to take about six months, ha! But Harry Potters are some of the best books to read around Christmas so I’m looking forward to going back to Hogwarts!

I finally started Peace Like a River! I’m exactly 14 pages into it and have laughed out loud already, which is a good sign. But I’m nervous – it has started out with the same feel as Plainsong, which I didn’t love. I’ve given myself full permission to abandon this as soon as I deem it necessary. But I hope to fall in love with it. I’ll let you know my decision next week!

Reading Next:

Last week I randomly found two bloggers who were reading Little Women and it dawned on me, hello?! Little Women is a great Christmas book! I hope to get to this one as soon as I’m finished with the Enger novel. Maybe even before? Because I’m feeling antsy about it!

Olive Kitteridge was on my up next list last week and she remains there still. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

I read the whole Anne of Green Gables series about 10 years ago and I think it’s time to read it again! I proclaim 2020 as the Year of Anne! There are 9 books in the series and 3 books in the Emily of New Moon series. If I read one book a month, then I can finish both series in 2020! I’m jinxing this little plan by writing about it, but let’s just say that one could do that. Not me, of course. But it’s possible for a human to do that.


My So Faded Pint Sized is off the needles! I still need to weave in the ends and then block, but I hope to be back with a totally finished project next Wednesday. It will feel good to finish this before the new year and to pick out a new project to start in 2020.

The featured picture on this post is of my backyard last week. I’m working hard on my goal to include more of my own pictures on this blog, which means that I have to remember to take more pictures. Which also means that I have to practice my word of the year, being present. Everything is connected!

Merry Christmas. Be safe. Be warm. Be content. Keep a calm and quiet soul.


11 thoughts on “Wednesday Round Up – 12.25.19

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  1. I’m so glad my constant blabbering about the HP audiobooks made you try it out. I really hope you love it! Which version/narrator did you check out?

    I’m sorry both of last week’s reads didn’t really work out for you. It’s the worst when a book is clearly good but you feel confused! Hopefully, the second time will be different.

    Merry Christmas, have a lovely cozy day!

    My WWW.

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    1. My library had the Jim Dale version. I have to admit, I’ve already switched back over to the book version because I’m so ready to get to Hogwarts and don’t want to wait until I can spend the time with the audio!!

      Merry Christmas to you too!

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  2. Your little sweater is darling. I admire you for being up before your family on Christmas morning. What a Mom! Looks like good reading ahead. I don’t know that I ever read of all of the Anne books although I read over half of the series. Little Women is one of my childhood favorites though. Hope you day was happy.

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    1. Thanks about the sweater! And I am a grumpy person if I don’t get up before the kids… that quiet time in the morning is so critical for me! I can’t wait to get going on Anne and on Little Women! Our Christmas was wonderful – I hope yours was too!


  3. My favorite passage (love your sense of humor): “I’m jinxing this little plan by writing about it, but let’s just say that one could do that. Not me, of course. But it’s possible for a human to do that.” Read on, Katie!! 😉

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  4. I have heard very similar reviews of The Starless Sea – the first half is awesome, but the second half left many confused. It is in my queue now and I am going to forge ahead and see what happens!

    Yay you for getting the hard parts (those sleeves!!) done on that darling sweater! (and thank you so much for joining us!)

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    1. I’m glad to hear that I wasn’t the only confused one. And I’m bummed because I was really enjoying it in the beginning. It’s still totally worth reading for all of the details, in my opinion. I hope you can follow it more closely than I did!

      Thanks for your kind words about the sweater. This weekend will be for weaving in and blocking 🙂

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      1. That is excellent advice! She’s totally right. There were aspects of it that were so enjoyable and I agree with her assessment that it’s going to need at least a second reading. I totally blame myself for not understanding what was going on… I’m sure all of the answers are there somewhere!


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