Unraveled and WWW Wednesday – 12.4.19

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m linking up with Kat at As Kat Knits to share what I’ve been reading and knitting lately. Her site is beautiful and so is her writing, so please go visit her!

I’ve also realized that these posts go perfectly with Sam’s weekly linkup at Taking on a World of Words. So this is my WWW Wednesday contribution as well! The WWWs are:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?


I finished Plainsong and have spent a long time trying to decide what I think about it. I didn’t enjoy it very much and am struggling to explain why. First of all, there were a few icky sex scenes that I thought weren’t necessary. And other than Victoria Roubideaux, I felt no connection with any of the characters. But here’s what I did like about it: I loved the McPheron brothers and their tenderness toward Victoria. They were very funny and I laughed out loud several times. I also liked how the book was written – the writing and dialogue felt very natural and normal. This just wasn’t a home run for me and I’m trying to decide whether I want to continue with the series.

Right now I’m reading Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. This is Bardugo’s first adult novel and I haven’t read any of her YA, so I can’t compare this to her other work. It’s sort of a drugged up Harry Potter. It focuses on a young woman, Alex Stern, who can see ghosts. As a young girl, she learned that drugs dulled their presence which led to a rough adolescence. But when she hits her lowest point, she gets tapped by a secret society at Yale. Lethe is the society that oversees all of the magic that the other houses perform and ensures the safety of everyone. I’m really enjoying the nerdy and cozy aspects of this one – I love reading about the different secret societies and I am especially enjoying all of the time in enchanted libraries!

Next on my Kindle is Code Name Helene by Ariel Lawhon. I’m so excited to have an advanced copy of this novel – this author writes the most fantastic historical fiction. Here’s an excerpt of its summary on Goodreads:

Told in interweaving timelines organized around the four code names Nancy used during the war, Code Name Hélène is a spellbinding and moving story of enduring love, remarkable sacrifice and unfaltering resolve that chronicles the true exploits of a woman who deserves to be a household name.


When we last met for an Unraveled post, I was on the hem of my So Faded Pint Sized sweater — and that’s where I remain! I think I’ve only knitted a couple of rows in the last week. But I know once I return to the sweater in earnest, then it will be done in a flash. I’m so excited to see it on my Baby Birdie!

I hope you all have a fantastic week and I can’t wait to hop around and see what everyone else is working on and reading!


14 thoughts on “Unraveled and WWW Wednesday – 12.4.19

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    1. You win some, you lose some. If I REALLY hated it, I would have put it aside, so it wasn’t awful. It just wasn’t compulsively readable for me. Thanks for the linkup and for visiting today!


  1. I am sorry Plainsong was not what you expected. I fell deeply in love with Victoria and those McPheron brothers. I also loved Tom Guthrie and his boys. To me, the book described what real life is like – some people you don’t like at all, and a few people who make life better and you wish there were more of them. (although I agree about the sex – it seemed awkward to me, but maybe that is how Haruf wanted me to feel?)

    Thank you so much for your kind words and thank you for introducing me to new bloggers! And, I just love your fade sweater! TOO CUTE!

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    1. You’re so right about it being like real life, which is probably why I’m often disappointed with it! Ha! I was so disappointed with Tom Guthrie. I wanted him to be there for his boys but it seemed like he was never there. I was disappointed with Ella (I think that was their mother?) – I was hoping she’d pull through and be there for her children. She never did. I could have thrown the book!!

      But I agree – Victoria and the McPheron brothers were the stars of the show. I think the McPheron brothers are included in the next book in the series? If so, that might be enough to get me on board!


    1. I started Code Name Helene last night and it is compulsively readable! The main character is sassy, smart, and so brave. I’m loving it.

      And I loved Ninth House! How was fun was that?!


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