Unraveled Wednesday – May 22

Today I’m linking up with Kat at As Kat Knits to share what I’m knitting and reading these days. A BIG thanks to Kat for hosting this linkup!

I’ve made sure my phone is loaded up with audiobooks from Overdrive because I’ve actually been knitting and it feels so good! I’m on the mend from a nasty viral infection that’s kept me pretty grumpy over the last couple of weeks, so it’s been so nice to curl up with an audiobook and work away at my never-ending Reagan sweater, which I started nearly a year ago.

I have about 4 inches left on the body, which is taking forever thanks to the lace pattern. I’m really trying to focus on being a process knitter rather than focusing on the end result because I’m moving so slowly on this project thanks to competing demands. Plus, I’m saving a ton of money by not buying more yarn for yet another project, right?!

I love how slouchy this is going to turn out – I especially love that you can even wear it upside down to make it even slouchier. What?! But I can’t wait to get this thing off the needles, blocked, and admire that lovely lace pattern. The way things are going, I might just have it finished by fall, ha!

I’m still working on my Cozy Memory Blanket, which I don’t have any updated pictures of (perhaps next week?). But this has been the perfect project over the last year – easy to pick up and put down, no counting, scrap yarn, no fuss, no muss.

You probably won’t be surprised by what I’ve been reading lately – I’ve gone on a little Armand Gamache spree, which is perfect for knitting. This series is the coziest and most amazing book series that I’ve ever read, no kidding. And I’m a bit nervous because there’s only one left after I finish the one I’m reading right now. So I’m on the lookout for a new cozy addiction, if anyone has any recommendations!

A Great Reckoning

Inspector Gamache is now head of the Academy training new recruits for the Surete of Quebec. This novel still manages to spend the bulk of its time in Three Pines, the village to which I wistfully wish to belong. Roaring fires, feasts with friends, and a longing to be the best possible person in every difficult circumstance is the hallmark of these books and A Great Reckoning was the perfect mix. Hygge culture at its finest.

Glass Houses

I’ve only just begun this one, but I’ve already been lulled by life in the village. Baking bread, more roaring fires, dreary November days… when is the moving truck arriving for me??! But also – this one seems pretty creepy so far!!

Searching for Sunday

I followed Rachel Held Evans when I was an avid Twitter user and was shocked by her sudden and tragic death. I decided the best way to honor her was to finally read her books. I’d come to know her as a smart and progressive voice within the evangelical community and have been enjoying this book. I’m finding that many people share my own doubts and questions, which is quite something. It’s funny how we can make ourselves believe that we’re the only ones!

We Must Be Brave

Oh, heavens to Betsy. These WWII novels get me every single time. I mean, every time. We Must Be Brave was especially atmospheric, with a wonderful little twist at the end. I won’t tell you how much I cried, but it was enough to make for an uncomfortable night!

Okay – I was serious when I said that I’m in need of recommendations for a new book series. I’m seeking something cozy, but not cheesy. I’d love to pick up the Ruth Galloway series, and I will, but my library only has the e-books on Overdrive and no audiobooks. Any ideas??


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  1. Can I just say how much I love your yarn choice for that sweater! The color is marvelous and I think that it will be an amazing sweater – no matter when you finish!

    As for cozy reads – though nothing beats Armand and Three Pines for coziness I do enjoy the Ann Cleeves Shetland series as well as the Vera series.

    Thank you so much for joining us!

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    1. Thanks for the compliments on the sweater – it’s made from Jamieson & Smith Shetland yarn and I agree – I love the blue, too!

      Thanks for the recommendations! It looks like my library has audio versions of the Shetland series on Overdrive – woohoo!! As soon as I start the last Armand Gamache, I’m going to get on the waitlist for the first in the Shetland series — now I’m excited!


  2. I love the color of your yarn, such a beautiful blue. I’ve always admired the fact you can knit, actually kinda jealous. My knitting attempts always looks like Donald Duck after he has gotten into a fight with something. We won’t mention the flying ball of yarn with the needles stabbed into it.

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    1. Ha! I’ve had a ton of practice and am good at following directions, is what I always say. But there’s been plenty of projects and knotted balls of yarn that have ended up straight in the trashcan thanks to my little temper!

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  3. The sweater looks great. Such a pretty color. Slow and steady on sweater knitting and eventually they get finished. I really like the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacquelyn Winspear. Her story begins in WW1 so that is an interesting time period.

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    1. You’re right about being slow and steady – I’ll get there eventually! And thanks for the rec for the Maisie Dobbs series – it looks great. And it looks like my library has them on overdrive – even better!!


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