April 2019 – Recent Books that I’ve Loved

I’ve been on an amazing reading streak! It’s so exciting when this happens – knowing that there’s always a good book waiting for me. Wanting to read everything under the sun can sometimes be anxiety-inducing, but it can also feel so hopeful – knowing that there’s so much to learn about and experience! But settling on my top three of the last month for this post was really difficult.

Thank you to the Modern Mrs. Darcy for hosting this monthly linkup! If you are looking for some book recommendations, click on over to her post and find plenty of dedicated readers with some incredible books.


I managed to write a blog post about this book recently. This was a great novel about the author honestly exploring the faith she grew up in and all of her doubts. This was a fast read that left my mind spinning!


Sometimes when I only have about 30 pages left in a book and it’s due back to the library the next day, then I will do my best to fly through those last few pages. I couldn’t do that with this book. I had to savor every last word that Marilynne Robinson wrote. Feel every feeling. This series is incredible. Robinson is a genius!


I wasn’t sure what to expect with this novel, but was pleasantly surprised. I loved it! I was worried that it would be too literary and too difficult for me to follow, but it wasn’t. It was perfect. I enjoyed so much about this post-Brexit novel, found myself laughing out loud, nodding in agreement, and hoping for miracles in this world.

Have you read any of these? What did you think? Here’s to some great reading this spring!!


5 thoughts on “April 2019 – Recent Books that I’ve Loved

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  1. These all sound so good. Right now immersed in Pete Buttigieg’s autobiography (thoughtful and engaging — and kinda wonderful). These are on my list, though. And I think I have to lose the illusion that I’ll ever be able to keep up with you!


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