What a week! It’s now been over a week since I’ve written anything, even my morning pages. I’ve had an entire week of distressing digestion issues along with a sick husband and sick children. So I’ve fallen completely off of the writing wagon and am looking to slowly climb back aboard. So I’m here at my public library, trying to find a quiet hour or so to yank myself back into some sort of routine!

While I haven’t been writing, I have been reading. And I’ve been lucky enough to be in the midst of several incredible books. It feels really good to know that I always have a good book to fall into every night as I crawl into bed. And when the baby wants to nurse all night because she’s feverish and feels rotten? I love being able to curl up with her and flip open a book.

This week has reminded me how important rest is in my life. I started the year wanting to find simplicity, but we’re only in April and my monthly tracker is full of nonsense things. It’s time to pare down again. Cull the distractions. So I return to my goals for the year:

Stay in the moment, write a few words every day, read a few words everyday.

There’s nothing about publishing a blog post every day. I keep reminding myself that I will drive myself crazy trying to do that. I listened to a podcast this week on establishing a morning routine and it so aptly reminded me about simplicity. And it normalized the frustration I’ve been feeling about my own morning routine – it’s so often interrupted no matter how early I wake up. I just can’t expect an hour to myself right now – even at 3am. I can keep waking up earlier and earlier to find that magic hour – and it might just work out every once in a while – but there’s nothing dependable. So I can’t set a schedule for writing, but I can try to find a rhythm. Even if it’s only ten minutes at a time, I need to find a way to be okay with that.

So here’s to us all finding a rhythm – and allowing ourselves a good laugh when the world seems to be working on a different schedule than our own!


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  1. Yes, yes! Here’s to rhythm and to being gentle with ourselves when we fall out of our excellent routines — whether it’s due to the intrusion of circumstances, or sometimes just kinda wandering off…

    Loved this forgiving and hopeful post!

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