Saturday Morning Reads

Happy Saturday! It is muggy here in New Hampshire, but I hope it’s lovely in your part of the world. I’ve been up doing my morning ritual and am ready to share a few of my favorite links from this week.

cup of inspiration

Anne Bogel shared her 9/11 story in such an honest way. She was on a plane headed to New York City when the towers were struck. This caused an incredible amount of anxiety and fear, and she shares how hard it was to seek help when she compared her experience to so many others. What a great reminder that we can’t compare our reactions to other people’s and need to pay attention to our own needs.

Emily Yahr wrote about how Shania Twain made her a writer on LitHub this week – what a fun essay! And I love that she writes about country music because I’m another unexpected fan of the genre. I grew up in Southeast Texas and it’s what I listened to during my most formative years, so of course I’m going to crank up the radio anytime Strawberry Wine comes on!

Emily Temple pulled together a collection of interviews by Chimimanda Ngozie Adichie to celebrate her 40th birthday! She shares Adichie’s wisdom on how to read and write. The answers are common: read a lot and write a lot. But I also like how Adichie talks about writing clearly and how we sometimes mistake murky writing for deep writing, which shouldn’t be the case. And I loved that!

I hope you enjoy some of these links! Did you read something that you think I would have enjoyed? Please share it with me in the comments!


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