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Build Writing Momentum with Morning Pages

Less than a month ago I was debating whether Morning Pages were still worth the time and energy anymore. At that writing, I recommitted myself to writing daily and promised to check in with my thoughts. Because I'm getting up to write morning pages, I've started cultivated a writing routine that I felt was impossible… Continue reading Build Writing Momentum with Morning Pages

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Writers Walk Mary Karr, who I think I might be distantly related to (by marriage), wrote that tweet on December 8 and I can't stop thinking about it. And she's right. I'm slowly picking my way through Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, and it's amazing how many writers and thinkers swear by their walks. It shouldn't… Continue reading Writers Walk

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The Pains of Catching Up

Returning to book blogging is hard work! There are so many tiny little tasks that need to be accomplished - updating a neglected Goodreads account, remembering the rhythm of memes, remembering how to even use wordpress, reconnecting with old friends with my tail between my legs, etc. It's a reminder of how much work I put… Continue reading The Pains of Catching Up