July 2017 Hobonichi Flip Through

Yesterday I shared my July 2017 Morning Pages and today I’m sharing the second part of my morning ritual: my hobonichi. Soon I’ll write about how I use each section of my planner, which changes based on need, like any good bullet journal. But today is just a quick flip through of my July 2017 spreads.

There are four planner views in my Hobonichi Techo Cousin: yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily. The first planning page you see in the video is the yearly view, which is where I track all of my boring cleaning chores. The monthly view is my blog schedule. The weekly view is my planning and tracking for everything else in my life. And the daily view is what I use in my morning routine – my daily gratitude practice, oracle reading, intention setting, and (lately) a poem (not written by me).

Goodies seen in this post:

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