Weekend | Week 33 in 2021

I don't think anyone can say this is a particularly joyful weekend given the state of the world. I wanted to write this post yesterday but couldn't quite bring myself to do it. But of course, the point of this practice is to find joy even when it seems like there isn't any, so here... Continue Reading →

Gardens | Early March 2021

Hi, friends! This is a weird time for me to publish a blog post, I know. It feels rushed, but I wanted to document where we are right now with our gardens. The week is going to steadily warm up and the snow will start to melt quickly -- and I just love being able... Continue Reading →

Friday Cozies – Week 18 of 2020

Current state of our lilac A nest that blew down from a treesourdough popovers made in a hamburger bun pan!Bear, 6 years oldBug, 5 years oldBirdie, almost 2, with her dandelion bowlpeas!radishes!fern frond - soon we'll be overwhelmed with them!fertilizing rosesan evening lap of woola small smattering of our read alouds this week I did... Continue Reading →

Early April Gardens

I've been counting down for spring flowers since the dead of winter. I'm a transplant to New Hampshire and am from warm and sunny Texas - where Spring starts in earnest in late February and life is abundant by March. That's just not the case here - everything is still pretty brown, but we do... Continue Reading →

Sunday Check In

(yes, that's my child with a toilet plunger on top of his head.) I've abandoned my blog! These last few weeks have been really hard for me in a lot of ways. It's been a total jungle in my home since my two year old learned to open doors. He's a slippery little sucker who... Continue Reading →

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