Early April Gardens

I’ve been counting down for spring flowers since the dead of winter. I’m a transplant to New Hampshire and am from warm and sunny Texas – where Spring starts in earnest in late February and life is abundant by March. That’s just not the case here – everything is still pretty brown, but we do have some signs of life.


My early irises are the crowning glory. I love watching for them each spring as the snow pulls back – they are the first things to bloom every year and look how gorgeous. A quick google search tells me that they’re dwarf wintering flowering irises – so not spring flowers at all! That’s okay – I’ll take it!

We have a crooked little row of hyacinths. Can you spot the five that were peeking up when I took this picture? The row has filled in more since snapping this shot. These come up pretty early every year too — still a bit until they flower but it’s fun watching more and more peek up every day.

Our crocus patch isn’t as vigorous as it’s been in the past, but that’s okay. Those blooms are beautiful to walk up to every day!

One clump of daffodils is finally starting to open! This on the sunny side of our house, so these are always the first. And lilies! Lilies are coming! I have a ton of lilies along the divide between our driveway and our house – I found them all growing in the woods beside our house and transplanted them. We have a lot of tulips as well, but I’ll spare you. They’ve been walked on by little feet quite a bit this year!

I’ve been finding it very difficult to take pictures of our sole woolen catkin — this is the best one I have and there’s a photobomber! At least she’s cute. This is our baby goat willow tree. It’s about 3 years old and we’ve never gotten more than one woolen catkin on it a year. Matt has fertilized it and assures me that we’ll get three next year.


We’ve started our vegetables gardens! We have leeks inside – this will be our first time growing these beauties. I made this french leek tart a couple of years ago when I had an Armand Gamache themed meal and it was incredible. I definitely want to find more leek recipes to add to my arsenal. We were able to plant some very early seeds in the ground – lettuce, beets, and scallions. They’re planted in tiny beds on the south side of our house, which gets a ton of sun — pictures above.

We’re diligently getting the big garden ready for planting. We’ve always given it a quick till, stuck in some seeds, and crossed our fingers. This year we’re taking our time and trying our best to prepare the soil – which is taking a lot more effort on the front end. But that’s okay, because I hope the results speak for themselves! And we have big plans for it — get ready!

This is the first year in our house that I won’t have a tiny baby on my hip, in a carrier, or inside of my belly during gardening season so I hope to really lean in to this aspect of life this year. I’m nervous about the summer because I wither in the warmer temperatures, but I’m optimistic this year.

How’s your gardening planning and planting going?

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  1. Your bulbs look so lovely! My Iris are coming up, but no tulips or daffodils here as they attract the deer. I had thought to forgo the garden this year, but a “quarantine garden” just might be the thing! My raspberry and rhubarb are coming on strong – and that makes me very happy!

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    1. Thanks Kat! I think this quarantine affected a lot of people like you – everyone seems to be working in their yard this year! Yay for fruit and rhubarb – I can’t wait to see what you make with them!


  2. I am very thankful to the previous owners of our house who planted tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths along our driveway, because they’re so pretty and such a joy when they come up this time of year with no effort on our part. We also have hydrangeas (that we planted) that are greening up and a bleeding heart bush getting bigger every day.

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    1. Aren’t they beautiful??! We also have hydrangeas, but they are still brown with no leaves. I’d love a bleeding heart bush! I hope you’re able to share some pictures soon 😉

      (Of course, I’m {sort of} kidding – no blogging pressure here!)


  3. That’s a big garden! We have a long but narrow raised bed in the backyard. So far I’ve got peas, arugula, and just planted kohlrabi seeds for the first time. Cilantro and thyme come back in the bed too, as does dill. And mint! In about a week or so I’ll plant some more things, after mid April. I am planning on basil, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes in pots, and maybe a few odds and ends of leftover seeds that I’ll stick in random places. I also will plant sunflowers and zinnias soon. Since I’ve got more time on my hands, ha ha, I’m grateful to be able to devote more time to the garden.


  4. Your gardens look wonderful! Our daffodils are popping up all over the field and will happily greet the snow that we’re supposed to be getting…maybe Friday? April, the cruelest month! But so hopeful, seeing the bulbs and buds and the soil turned over and warming in the sun. And I LOVE Bronwyn’s little boots!

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    1. Thanks Jordy. But you didn’t have to bring up the snow!! :p

      April has been perfect so far, so I guess a little more snow won’t hurt anything. But I am ready for a little more green!


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