A Snowy Late February Friday

The last Friday in February! How can that be? Matthew has been on vacation this week and it’s been enjoyable (and helpful!) to have him home in the evenings. Overall, this has been a challenging week. Just as our colds were clearing up, the stomach bug hit us. Last Thursday, Colton came home with it. Then Bronwyn got it on Saturday, I got it on Sunday, Bryce got it on Tuesday. Matthew has escaped it somehow (so far). Thankfully it was a relatively mild bug, but it’s still a lot of work and I was out of commission for about a day and half. Add our illnesses to what’s going on in the world and things haven’t been so rosy. So today I’ll be focusing on the approach of spring, which I hope will lift all of our spirits.

I tried to capture a little Vitamin D whenever I could this week thanks to some milder weather (and I know it’s one of my basic needs for staying sane). And because we got some rain, the snow finally pulled away from the house a bit and I found tulips starting to break ground! These were planted this fall and I’m learning that freshly planted bulbs seem to make their way above ground earlier than old ones. I’m also learning that flowers planted facing south and near the house start growing and blooming sooner. It’s okay to have little beds all over the yard like we do now, but I think I’m going to start focusing my attention where I know we’ll get the earliest results, especially since I’m always itching for flowers as soon as possible in the spring! We’re expecting about 7″ of snow today so the tulips will be covered up again soon, but I know they’re there. And happily, I have a few woolen catkins on my willow tree bursting at the seams!


Again, we’ve been ill, so our meals have been simple and have included a lot of soup. I have come to appreciate prepackaged salads in a whole new way!

Saturday: Hot dogs (with buttered and toasted buns) + potato chips + salad

Sunday: Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup. I managed to get this ready before my illness hit and it was wonderful. Delicious! The recipe walks you through making your own tortilla strips, but we just crumbled up store bought tortilla chips.

Monday: leftover soup. I was totally wiped from being sick the evening before and was thankful to be able to reheat and serve this soup!

Tuesday: grilled cheese + potato chips + salad

Wednesday: Zuppa Toscana + homemade Olive Garden breadsticks. Matthew cooked today and I am very thankful!

Thursday: We ordered sushi! We’ve barely had a chance to celebrate Matthew’s vacation week so we splurged while we were feeling well enough to enjoy it.

Friday (today!): Probably fish sticks and french fries. I like to pretend I’m in a pub eating fish and chips on snowy days.

Today is a snow day for Colton thanks to the snowstorm that arrived overnight. I just peeked out the front door and, with the help of the porch light, can make out a fresh dusting of powder. Next week’s forecast has several days of snow, but with much smaller total amounts. We’re not out of the winter woods yet, but we’re getting there. I have the tulips and woolen catkins to prove it! I hope you all have a lovely and quiet weekend, full of what you need to recharge. Stay cozy and safe!


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  1. I hope this bug is the last to hit your family this winter! I remember those days when kiddo was younger and less vigilant about keeping away from others’ germs.

    Here we are also starting to see some early spring flowers poke their heads up — our hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips — and I see some leaf buds on our new Japanese maple! We’ve still got some colder weather and a few flakes in the forecast for the next week or so, but I’m hoping we’re pretty much past the big storms at this point. I hope you can enjoy a quiet snowy day today!


  2. The news from Ukraine is just awful. It makes me cry, why oh why can’t we all just be Good to each other. You are so right to focus on Spring coming. I love the little tulip trumpeting the changing season. I shall go out now and see what’s happening in my garden.


  3. I’m with nanacathy. Heartsick over what’s happening in Ukraine. And I also agree that you are right to focus on Spring coming. Her lovely face will be most welcome this year, as it is every year.


  4. The best sliver’s of hope I found post Invasion of Ukraine were the incredibly courageous Ukrainian people themselves. There were so many that popped up all over social media and coupled with the protests from the Russian citizens (and a very united NATO) and I think the deranged despot might have bitten off more than he can chew.

    Have a great weekend… the snow days are numbered! 🙂


  5. I sure hope you’re at the end of the stomach bug thing and yay Matthew for cooking! I had no idea that tulips put up little red tips – what a fun thing to watch for! wishing YOU a warm, cozy, and healthy! weekend!!


  6. Sorry you all had the bug that seems to be going around. Hope Matthew has still escaped it. I’m making soup today – Curried Shrimp Chowder and also baking some bread, Zuppa Toscano is one of my favorites and I have not made it in some time…I’ll need to put it on my list. Hope you can continue to see little signs that Spring is coming. Those signs make such a difference to one’s state of mind. Stay warm and take care.


  7. I am glad you and your family are starting to feel better. Spring is definitely in the air here as well. I feel like I need the sunshine desperately and try to get out and feel the sun on my face when I can. I am seeing lots of new growth and some flowers popping up. It always makes me a little scared because our temps here can plunge right back down to freezing. I hope you had a great weekend.


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