A Frigid Week

What a January so far! We've had two sub-zero mornings this week and it has been brisk. I've been surviving on warm drinks, settling in with homeschooling each morning, and dreaming about my garden this year. We've also been doing more cleaning out/rearranging the basement, which continues to confound me. We've only been in this... Continue Reading →

2021 | What Worked For Me

A few years ago I took a cue from Anne Bogel and Emily P. Freeman and started writing down what worked for me the previous year. It's been a great way to ensure time for reflection and to think about where I can make changes in the upcoming year. So many things are out of... Continue Reading →

Stillness | December 2021

While trying to decide where to go with my last effort for my One Little Word in 2021, I realized that it's impossible to distill twelve months of Stillness into one post. I can't really put something together that shows everything I've learned and then wrap it up with a pretty bow. I can only... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

Not only has Saturday snuck up on me again -- but so has Christmas! As I type this, I have breakfast casseroles in the oven and we're waiting for two guests to arrive to open gifts. We're expecting ice and snow today, so we will try to stay cozy inside with good food and movies.... Continue Reading →

A Rainy Fall Friday

Hello to Friday and to YOU! It's rainy, a little windy, and chilly here in New Hampshire today. So I've settled the kids in with the PBS Kids App, brewed another pot of coffee, and am settling in to share a few things with you. So much of my time and energy is taken up... Continue Reading →

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