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I don’t even know what to say about the last few weeks. We have been busy wrapping up a few things for school because we will be taking a break next week! Colton will also be home from school so I expect that we’ll be spending every spare minute outside and playing. I need to make sure my energy level is ready for it!

But today we’re focusing on books. I have two more prize books and two readalouds to chat about today. I’m working on this post this morning with Colton at my side, so please forgive the writing. My attention is quite divided!

Books Finished This Week:

Black Butterflies is set during the opening months of the Siege of Sarajevo. Zoe is an artist and professor who stays in Sarajevo to take care of their properties while her husband and mother leave for England, expecting to return within a few weeks. Instead, it becomes impossible to enter or leave Sarajevo and Zoe is stuck in her war torn country all by herself.

I am grateful that this book gave me more history about a war that happened during my lifetime but I am still confused about the details, so I have more research to do on Sarajevo. I really liked the first 2/3 of the book but was disappointed by the ending. And maybe that was the author’s intention? I’m not sure. This is definitely worth reading but not my favorite of the Women’s Prize longlist so far.

Stone Blind is a retelling of the Medusa legend. Even though Bryce and I have a read a ton of these myths, I have a hard time keeping them all straight so these retellings are good reminders. This was my first book by Haynes and I was amazed by how funny she made this story. She makes the gods seem like one of us! I listened on audio and really enjoyed it. I think this might make the short list? We shall soon find out!

Bronwyn decided to pick up an Ivy and Bean at the library and we enjoyed this one a lot. It’s summertime and Bean’s big sister is off to camp, but Bean is too young to attend. So Ivy and Bean create their own camp and make up all of their own rules. These girls are so silly and fun – I’m looking forward to the next one Bronwyn decides to read.

And Bryce and I finished the fifth Captain Underpants: The Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman. If I was forced to pick my favorite Underpants book, this one might be it. We just finished last night so I wonder which one he’ll want to start tonight?

And now I feel myself heading into a slight reading slump. I am 100% okay with slowing down right now – my reading year has been stellar so far and there are so many other things calling to me. I am shuffling through a few different books but nothing that keeps pulling me back for more, so I am enjoying a little extra stitching and plenty of outside playing time.

I hope you get through the middle of this week unscathed! Take good care.


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  1. Stone Blind is next on my list to read (I’m on a little pause from Women’s Prize reading because I got Birnam Wood from the library). I also have Black Butterflies on its way to me from Blackwell’s. Perhaps I should do a little reading on the siege of Sarajevo before it arrives; I know I was alive for it, but in my early teen years, it wasn’t exactly a major focus of my attention. I highly recommend Natalie Haynes’s A Thousand Ships, if you’re looking to read more of her work!


  2. Those Ivy and Bean books are popular here at my library. I’ve never read one but they look fun! The way you’ve been tearing through books I’d say a breather is well deserved! 🙂 Enjoy outside time.


  3. I finished Black Butterflies today and really loved it (even the last 1/3). Like you and Sarah, I don’t know much about the actual events and that bogged me down a bit in the first 50 pages or so, but once I got into Zora’s story, I let go my confusion and just read. I still have Homesick left to (re)read from my original plan and now I have two more books in at the library (Bandit Queens and Fire Rush). Glad there’s still a week before the short list! ENJOY your break next week!!


    1. I’m so glad you loved ALL of Black Butterflies. I wanted to LOVE it but will settle for only liking it 😉 Yay for all of your Women’s Prize reading! I cannot wait to see the shortlist!


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