Friday | A March Knitting Update

First of all – Thank you all for your well-wishes on Wednesday’s post. Colton is still coughing, but he was fever-free yesterday so I’m pretty sure he’s going to school today (for the first day this week!). I’m still fighting a fever but am feeling much better overall. And last night I was up and down with Bronwyn, who now has a fever and a cough. So it looks like this cold is cycling through most of us but is making its way out the door (I hope!).

Today’s post is a quick knitting update. I have a few lingering projects that I haven’t shared in quite a while and posting about projects always motivates me to work on them. I apologize in advance for the pictures – I didn’t have any natural light when I took them!

I have been very slowly working on my Inclinations Cowl (my Ravelry link with the yarn details) since last summer. I probably don’t have to tell you that it’s been kind of a slog given how long it’s taken me to get this far. The fisherman’s rib is so pretty, but it requires me to look at the stitches as I’m knitting so that limits the circumstances in which I’m able (and willing) to work on it.

BUT! I’m finally to the decrease section and that means that every repeat gets two stitches shorter. That is so motivating! I managed to work on this quite a bit in late February and early March but haven’t picked it up in the last couple of weeks. I’m hoping this update will give me the incentive I need to push through.

Why keep working on it if it’s such a slog? Because I think this is the style of neck wrap that fits my life better. I love triangular shawls but they never stay on me, no matter how carefully I wrap them. I think I might crawl around on the floor a bit more than a typical 39 year old woman? (Although I’m sure most professional teachers have me beat by a long shot.) I love that this cowl looks like a triangular shawl when it’s finished and I want to be able to wear it. So I will persevere!

This is the state of my Junction sweater (my recent blog post on the situation). I settled down at the dining room table a few weeks ago and unwound the whole thing while trying to get caught up on All Creatures Great and Small.

I haven’t tried swatching again because I’m really nervous. I’ve been reminded that I’m a serious dunce when it comes to gauge because I’m already second-guessing the second gauge measurement I took from the finished garment. So I’m going to experiment by going up AND down a needle size to see which gets me closer to where I need to be… but there’s a pretty good chance that I’m going to run out of yarn if I swatch too much. Gauge has been my nemesis since about 2003, so this isn’t a new feeling for me. But still. You’d think I would have learned a thing or two in the last twenty years?

But I’ve got the sock gauge thing all figured out and have been happily knitting on these during storytime every week (my Ravelry link with details). They’re moving slowly because there are some weeks when Bronwyn wants me to sit on the rug with her in my lap and it’s not possible to knit, but there are other weeks when I can sit in a corner and do my own thing. So here we are.

And one more thing! My Katrinkles hibernating animals stitch markers arrived this week. They are so cute and I can’t wait to start using them. Cute tools are another motivator for me!

I think we’re expecting some sunshine this weekend! I hope you are, too. I’m planning to be back on Monday with some sort of update (inspiration welcome). Until then – take good care.


18 thoughts on “Friday | A March Knitting Update

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  1. I am glad you’re feeling better! Sorry that Bronwyn has it now, too, but kids aren’t so great about keeping their germs to themselves so it’s probably not a surprise. I’m hoping you can all get some extra rest this weekend and kick this bug to the curb!

    As to your sweater, did you make a note of what your gauge was before you unraveled? If you need some help working out what step to take next with swatching and needle size, let me know.

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  2. I am so glad you are feeling better as well! But huge sigh that Bronwyn is next in line! Boo!

    I am dittoing Sarah’s comments… if you need some help in working out what to do next about that sweater/gauge/etc (especially if you have the gauge your sweater was before you frogged it) let me know, I will happily lend my assistance (and you likely won’t need to knit another swatch!)

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  3. Glad you and Colton are feeling better. And, yes, a huge sigh that Bronwyn is next in line. I have the same feeling about shawls that you have, and I am 65-year-old woman who never sits on the floor. Phew, sobering to see those balls of yarn that were once part of a sweater. But the right thing to do. Finally, those socks look so pretty and cozy. And those stitch markers are the cutest little things.


    1. Thanks Laurie! We are all slowly recovering, thank goodness. And thanks for your kind words about my knitting projects – it is so fun to be able to share them with all of you!

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  4. yay for Colton (and ugh about Bronwyn) … and yay for knitting (and catching up with ACGAS; we loved the season!). I’m always impressed you make any knitting progress at all and here are THREE projects moving along. Good luck with the gauge … I’ve been knitting nearly 50 years and still second guess myself. It can be hard to gauge (ha!) swatch to FO, especially when the FO is a big sweater. That said, it appeared your initial attempt was too big, so maybe try swatching one and two needle sizes smaller? (I can’t imagine you need a bigger needle?)


  5. These viruses do seem to cycle through a household, especially when kiddos are involved. I hope next week everyone feels better. The sock looks great. As for a gauge swatch, I don’t have great advice. When I knit, the swatch seems to be an estimate of my gauge. This is especially true of the row gauge. I try them on and do a bit of reknitting.


  6. Hello!! I’m Kate. I’m new around here, but glad to have found you! That cowl is lovely and I can see why you’re slogging away. Some finished projects are just worth it!!

    We’ve had the cold bug cycling through our house too. I was the last to fall but I’m finally starting to come around the bend! I’m ready for warmer temps and open windows to air all this nonsense out!

    Good luck on gauge! And if the worst happens – you can always knit from your swatch if you run out – though hopefully you won’t have to!!

    Happy weekend!


    1. Hello Katie!! I hope you’re all still continuing to get better – these bugs are the worst! And thanks for your kind words about my knitting – I am thankful to have it to lean on when times are tough!


  7. Now I am attempting my first pair of socks I am looking closely at everyone else’s. Love the two colours and a pattern too. Glad mine use multi coloured yarn and no pattern. Have a happy and healthy weekend.


  8. Nothing but praise from me for unraveling that sweater! I have a whole poncho that needs the range treatment, I’ve been pretending it’s not there…


  9. Hope that virus has left your household by now and that you are all feeling better. I’m not help at all with gauge, so no comment on that, but your sock is looking good!


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