A Scrumptious Finish

Well hello! I’m here today with a finished quilt that I’ve been working on since January 2014. No, that’s not a typo. It’s been in the works for over 8 years! This quilt is english paper pieced, which means I used paper templates to shape the fabric into hexagons and sewed all the pieces together by hand. This was a labor of love and I can’t wait to share a whole lot of pictures with you!

Hexies were all the rage back in 2014 in the quilting circles on Instagram! I knew I wanted to make a hexie quilt with fabric by my favorite designers, Bonnie & Camille. I began snapping up charm packs of their Scrumptious line, which Bonnie & Camille released in the Fall of 2013. So I started cutting the fabric and basting them into hexies, not knowing what they were going to turn into or how much I would need.

I made my own paper pieces so they’re not exactly hexagon shaped and they’re not exactly the same size. They were meant to be one inch hexagons (each side of the hexagon = 1 inch), but they’re more like a honeycomb/hexagon hybrid. There were two sides that were a bit longer than the others and created a definite top and bottom, which created problems throughout the entire project. But we won’t dwell on that because it is done. Finished! And of course, it’s one of a kind.

I finally starting stitching the units together in July 2016. I took lots of breaks on this project; I would put it away for months (years?) at a time and then pick it up and not be able to work on anything else. I would convince myself that I’d be finished with it no time! But of course, I still wasn’t sure where I was headed at this point in the process.

It was at about this time when I realized I was using two different whites in this project! You can see clearly in the picture on the right – the background hexies in the center are Kona Snow and the hexies on the outside are Kona White. But there was no way I was going to be ripping those out and starting over.

A two year break! I tucked this away towards the end of 2018 and then took it out in 2020, which is when I really settled in with it. It helped that my blog had become a bigger part of my life – the gentle accountability of sharing progress each week certainly keeps things moving along! There was a mishap in November 2020 when a pair of little hands happened to drop some salsa on a hexie while admiring my progress. I was relieved to be able to grab my seam ripper and replace that single piece – easy peasy!

Progress from October 2020 through December 3, 2020. After I finished filling in the background with the white hexies, I added an aqua border. The aqua is my favorite color and I decided to ring the entire quilt in it. And then I didn’t have the heart to trim the aqua hexies and lose any of that color, so I did another ring in white.

And in January 2021, FINALLY!, it is all handsewn and trimmed. And it promptly went into my finished quilt top bin and was forgotten about. Until October 1st of 2022, which is when I measured out, seamed, and pressed the backing, as well as cut the batting. The next day I sandwiched the three layers together. And the day after that, I began quilting simple straight lines. I didn’t take any pictures of this process because it all went much faster than I anticipated, but I have pictures of the finished project:

This quilt finished at 57×65 – a generous lap size. I was surprised by its size in the end and it was wonderful to snuggle under while I finished hand sewing the binding over the weekend. The best part about finishing quilts in the fall and winter is that they can cover you up while you’re doing the final bits!

I haven’t decided where to put this yet. I want it displayed but safe from little hands. It’s fairly big and our walls are already quite full with other quilts and shelves. So right now it’s draped over my desk chair and waiting for its new home. I have a quilt rack over the piano in our foyer and I might switch things around so that this one can be displayed there. We shall see what makes sense!

And I have a ton of these hexies left over so I’ve been contemplating what to make from them. I’ve considered sewing them together to make a project bag (like the one in this post) for cross stitching or future english paper piecing projects. I’m not sure, but the bin is safely tucked away in my sewing area and waiting for me whenever I’m inspired and ready.

Friends – I can’t believe it’s Friday again and that we’re heading into the week of Thanksgiving here in the US. We always plan to take this week off for our homeschool, so we will be spending the whole week cooking and baking for the big day. But this weekend will be the calm before the storm and we’ll finalize our grocery list, clean out the fridge, and do most of our shopping. I’m really hoping for some quiet evenings with a good book (nearly finished with Kate Atkinson’s newest, Shrines of Gaeity, and it’s so good!) and some stitching, but those things are so hard to fit in during the weekend. I’m also hoping to finally start the newest season of The Crown, which we haven’t managed to do yet. I hope your weekend is exactly what you need. Until Monday – take good care.


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  1. A truly stunning finish, Katie, congratulations!! I found your blog in 2020 when you were deep into piecing those hexies; I loved following your progress.

    AND I finished Shrines earlier this week. Had to reread the ending and I still have questions. Please let me know when you finish so we can discuss!

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a week full of thanksgiving.


    1. Thanks, Mary! I will make sure to read the ending carefully – you have me intrigued! I have been confused a few times because it’s taken me a while to understand that she was describing the same scenes through the eyes of different characters. So now I’m really curious about how the end is going to play out.

      I am very excited about Thanksgiving! I hope you also have a wonderful week 🙂


  2. Katie, I couldnt stop reading about your journey of making this beautiful quilt. It is incredible! What a lifetime treasure this will be. Wherever you place it will make that room shine.
    Enjoy your weekend and your cooking all next week.


    1. Thank you so much, Preeti! And you are exactly right – I feel proud and relieved! I’m so glad this isn’t just sitting in a bin in the basement anymore 🙂


  3. Katie! That quilt is amazing! And the patience and continual diligence to work on it off and on for years! Wow!

    We, too, take the whole week off from school for Thanksgiving week. We’ve already gotten almost everything we need grocery wise, just need to pick up a couple of things. The cooking of the food is divided up between my husband and I and our two oldest adult children. So that’s nice! We won’t need to start cooking until Wednesday. I plan to spend extra time reading this week! 🙂 I started Winter Solstice yesterday and oh how I love Pilcher’s writing. I read the first couple of pages and it was like breathing a deep breath and settling in to home.

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    1. Thank you, Karen! It was a lot of work but totally worth it in the end.

      I’m glad to hear that you’re also taking the week off from school – it’s such a nice perk of homeschooling, isn’t it? So glad to hear that you’re mostly prepared and have some time to relax before you start cooking. And I’m SO glad to hear that Winter Solstice is so enjoyable – you’re making me want to pick it up sooner than I’d planned 🙂

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  4. It’s stunning, Katie! I can fully believe that it took as long as it did — and given all that hand-stitching, I’m frankly surprised it didn’t take longer! I remember when everyone was knitting hexipuffs for the Beekeeper’s Quilt, and I truly wonder how many people actually completed a blanket in the end. So I admire your perseverance!

    I’d love to take all of next week off, but my office will be closing at 2 p.m. on Wednesday and kiddo only has school Monday and Tuesday (and Tuesday is “GrandFriends” Day), so I don’t imagine much will be going on. I am looking forward to a quieter week and lots of good food!

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    1. Thanks, Kat! And I hope you’re right and this quilt will have a long and beautiful life. But we shall see. We’re a little rough on things around here!!


    1. Thank you, Wendy! It felt wonderful when I realized the finishing process wasn’t going to take as long as I’d worried it would. And there’s nothing better than settling onto the couch and doing some hand binding! I’m thrilled to be finishing up a few languishing quilting projects these last few months.

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  5. Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations on a finish!! Eight years is not a long time in the life of a hexie quilt and so what if you used 2 different whites, that just adds to the charm. I hope you can find someplace to display it away from the little hands, she’ll bring a smile to your face all winter long. A bag would be perfect from these fabrics, happy stitching! Enjoy your week off from school and have fun making memories with the children.


    1. Thank you, Gretchen! I totally agree about the two different whites. I always think about Laura Ingalls Wilder when I’m handsewing and remind myself that the pioneers used what they had. Two different whites is totally fine! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving in your new home – take good care!


  6. Your quilt is beautiful and I hope you and your family enjoy it for years to come. I hope you have a good weekend and a wonderful Thanksgiving week!


  7. I’m impressed you finished the quilt! I have cross stitch pieces that I have even finished. I bought the ingredients for the Thanksgiving dishes I am making this year as to avoid the crowded stores next week. It helps that my daughter is hosting Thanksgiving for the first time!


    1. Thank you, Cindy! I’m glad you’ve started preparing for Thanksgiving already. And how nice to have someone else hosting! I hope it’s a wonderful day for you and your family.

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    1. Thank you, Laila! And we’ve now watched two episodes. I can’t help but think that the woman who plays Diana must have a very sore neck given how she has to carry her head in every scene. But I’m excited to watch more!

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  8. Katie, you are such an inspiration. This quilt is so beautiful and such a labor of love. A project like this makes us realize what our grandmothers and great-grandmothers did to make quilts with no templates, so acrylic rulers, no rotary cutter and sometimes no sewing machine. This would be so beautiful entered in a quilt show.


    1. Thank you, Donna! I think about the same thing – how many more things I have to make my work as perfect as it can be… and yet, it’s still completely imperfect! I’m amazed at what people were able to do with a few scraps, needles, and thread. It’s so inspiring!


  9. AMAZING quilt!! I dream of making a hexi quilt using Liberty fabric. It is definitely a long term goal, as it took me 8 years to make a quilt of plain squares, with a lot of help from my mom. The large lap size might me more possible to finish than the queen size quilt I was dreaming of.


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