Friday | Nearly Mid-August?!

Happy Friday, dear friends. I hope this week has treated you well and you’re looking forward to the weekend. I’m sharing a little garden news, a small knitting update, and a smattering of other joyful things that have struck my fancy this week. The temperature at my house this morning is totally appropriate for a hot cup of coffee (62*F) and I’m already on my second cup. Let’s chat!

The week started out almost unbearably hot and humid so we didn’t spend a lot of time outside, except for an hour or so before we expected Colton’s bus to arrive. Monday was a day full of scattered showers that did nothing to bring in cooler air but kept the air moist and jungle-like. Wednesday night finally brought a cooler air mass and we were able to turn off the A/Cs and open the windows overnight – total bliss! There are no 90*F days in the 15 day forecast so I’m hoping that we’re moving towards something more manageable. Fall, perhaps?

We’ve been finding the dreaded tomato hornworms on our tomato plants. They are hideous creatures and do so much damage. So I go out with a bowl every day, peel their suction-y disgusting feet off of the plants, and then feed them to the chickens. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I find fewer each day but am staying vigilant because they are so perfectly camouflaged.

Other than that, the weeds are totally out of control as you can see in the pictures above. It’s been hard to get into the garden and move around now that it’s wrapped in (unplugged) electric fencing to keep the deer out. We’ll have to find some other solution next year. I’m thinking something like this:

Totally kidding, of course. But a girl can dream!

I haven’t done much knitting this week because my nose has been stuck in a book. I meant to knit the increase gusset and turn the heel of my current sock last Friday night, but my notebook reminds me that I was finishing up The Trees and bingeing on The Shell Seekers. If I had done the knitting, then I’d have this project in a place that’s easy for me to pick up/put down and the first sock would probably be finished by now. But I didn’t and it isn’t. (No regrets.) I finished the increase gusset last night and hope to turn the heel and do the decrease gusset tonight while listening to an audiobook (Sense and Sensibility). This sock will fly off my needles once the heel is done.

I’ve also put in a few repeats on my Inclinations cowl – only two more repeats are left before I can move on to the second section of the pattern. I’m still enjoying the half-fisherman’s rib and those beautiful knit stitches. I only work on this when I know I’ll be able to finish an entire four row repeat before putting it down; I’m worried that I’m going to get off in the pattern and it won’t be easy to rip back and repair. So it’s moving slowly and only comes out late at night, just before bed. Hopefully my confidence will pick up and I’ll be able to reach for it throughout the day without worrying so much.

Other joyful things:

  • I usually stop at my local Dunkin on Wednesdays after storytime at the library. Guess what was plastered all over their windows when I pulled in? Pumpkin coffee posters! And yes — pumpkin coffee was available a full week earlier than advertised. So I’ve gotten my first serving of iced pumpkin swirl and it was magical.
  • My husband and I have often said that Bluey is the best show on television right now, for children and adults. It seems like other people share this opinion. My favorite episode is Ice Cream. Bingo and Bluey fight over ice cream and it all melts away. That’s not fair! they shout. It’s just about as fair as it gets responds their father, Bandit. I use that line all the time now.
  • I was surprised to find a newsletter from Birchbark Books in my inbox this week. Louise Erdrich owns this lovely little bookstore in Minnesota and they have recently restarted their newsletter, which is full of information about what Louise is up to and what they’re focusing on in the store. You can sign up here. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll find a place to add your email.
  • I am caught up with Grantchester! And just in time because I think the season finale is this weekend. I’m going to try to watch it live. No spoilers, but I’m pretty angry at Will Davenport. How can a vicar be so clueless?

And that’s it for me, folks. As usual, we have no plans this weekend other than to do our best to survive. Since returning to work from covid, Matthew has been working 6 days/week (which includes Sundays) and still has 2-3 more weeks of it, so it’s felt like we haven’t had a true weekend in about a month. It’s been hard and we’re looking forward to having full weekends again. Someday? It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I hope you all have a weekend full of exactly what you need. Take good care!

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  1. That’s about as fair as it gets – perfect! …and oh no about Will in episode 5 (!!! we haven’t watched it yet!!!) I was delighted to see Birch Bark’s newsletter in my inbox. and need to know about a cold pumpkin swirl drink? I still have iced coffee pods and maybe I can experiment with a fall drink 🙂 (perhaps coming soon to a TGIF post!) all GOOD stuff – happy Friday and happy weekend!


    1. Dunkin has two flavor options: one is a shot, which is unsweetened; the other is a swirl, which is sweetened. The pumpkin only comes in swirl so we order pumpkin with cream only (otherwise it’s like drinking cake, much too sweet for me!). This explains it better than I can:

      So if you were making your own pumpkin swirl, it would basically mean dissolving your pumpkin-y ingredients with water and sugar. People do it! I’ve had awful luck trying to recreate the pumpkin flavors from Dunkin but I’m sure you’d do better than me!

      Enjoy your weekend!! 🙂


  2. So sorry about the hookworms Katie, they are pesky little crew when it comes to tomato plants. Be sure to enjoy your weekends, even if they are spent with your nose in a book or knitting in your hands.


  3. Hornworms struck my little patch, too. Think I got them all, but I remain vigilant. Thank goodness the weather changed! I hope we have seen the last of the dreadful heat. Man oh man, I hate it. Bring on the pumpkin, bring on the cooler weather.


    1. I am at my desk with the window cracked, a hot cup of coffee, and listening to a catbird and a red squirrel. Doesn’t get much better than this!

      I will think of you when I’m checking my tomatoes for those hornworms. I didn’t find any yesterday, so I’m hoping they’re basically gone. Yikes!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank goodness you have chickens to dispatch those horrid tomato worms!

    I am sipping hot coffee as well this morning, it is delightfully chilly and I am here for it! Have a good weekend! 🙂


    1. The chickens are useful in so many ways! And hurrah for the return of hot coffee season. I never stopped with the hot coffee but it’s much better to drink on mornings like this 🙂


  5. I’m sorry about the hornworms, but I hope the chickens are enjoying their special treat! We’ve just started a cool-off here, and it felt a bit like fall when I went out for my run this morning. I am ready for it, too (though I’m not a big pumpkin spice fan unless it’s in the form of baked goods). I’m sorry your husband’s work schedule has effectively taken away the weekends, and I certainly hope that changes soon! Enjoy what you can this weekend!


  6. Oh geeze, I had not heard about those worms. Yuck! Glad your chickens can enjoy them. We have been harvesting tomatoes daily…we can’t eat them fast enough! I’ll be playing tomato fairy tomorrow…sharing our bounty. And, the temps here moderated enough that the AC is off and I have windows open. It should be fabulous sleeping tonight! I have plans to meet up with Dee tomorrow, so I should get some good knitting done!


  7. Ugh, six days a week! That feels crazy.
    We have tomatos but not tomato worms – at least, I don’t think we do!
    This was really fun to read, I love seeing your garden photos.


    1. You would know it if you had the hornworms! They eat all of the leafy bits off of the plants and chew on the fruit. And while they’re well-camouflaged, they grow to be HUGE and very hard to miss. So happy that you enjoyed this post – Fridays are always hit or miss with me 🙃


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