Friday | More Flowers

Welcome to Friday, friends. I hope this week has been a gentle one for you. I’m here today to share a few pictures from the garden and a smattering of other things that brought me joy. I am staring at the calendar as I type this – we are halfway through June. I’m not sure how it’s possible but our yard certainly reflects it!

Dare I say it? The weather was perfect this week. The high has been in the very low 80s, the low has been in the low 50s. Each afternoon we’ve spread out the quilt and played until it was time to go in and start the evening meal. Saturday’s forecasted high? 58*F!! I will take it.

The flowers have loved it. I’m most excited to share that bud on my Queen of Denmark Rose. I thought we had lost it after this winter but there are several buds on it. We’ve had it a few years and it’s pretty scrawny, so I need to find a way to take better care of it. Its blooms are gorgeous – the perfect rose!

Ruth Ozeki won the Women’s Prize for Fiction!! I watched the livestream while we were playing in the front yard and I flew out of my seat, jumped up and down, and screamed when it was announced!! My children were very confused. I was so happy that she won, her speech was incredible, and I’m hoping this encourages her to write more and more novels.

Other things that brought me joy in the last week:

  • My time at Panera – alone – last Sunday was more life giving than I can describe. I crave time alone and rarely (less than once a year?) am alone in the house at any time. There were other people around, but my section of the dining area stayed empty and no one spoke to me. That’s my idea of perfection.
  • I solved a NY Times mini puzzle in 14 seconds this week. I felt like a genius! (For a very short period of time.)
  • I received my first payment from hosting ads on my blog! It only took about 4 years but I had money deposited into my account this week. I think that makes me a professional writer?

This weekend will involve the grill and lots of time outside. I hope your weekend is exactly what you need. Take good care!


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  1. Love your joyful posts…and it’s wonderful to hear that you received a payment. Yes, you are a professional writer! (And your photos are breathtaking — flowers and sunlight in mid-June — such gifts!)


  2. Your yard looks so full of beautiful life! I remember while raising my girls longing for recharging alone time…that was scarce.
    Congratulations on being a professional paid writer! That is awesome! I always enjoy your writing 😊


  3. I am jealous of your more temperate summer weather! We have had highs in the 90s (and heat indexes near 100) the past few days, and the humidity is almost unbearable. I was hoping we’d get the thunderstorms they were forecasting yesterday, but the storm front split and missed us, so I was out watering the plants in the heat.

    I was also very happy with Ruth Ozeki’s win and applauded when she was announced, which puzzled my daughter (who was in the room with me). I’m so glad I was able to watch the ceremony live for the first time.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. I wish I could see your photos Katie but for some reason WordPress doesn’t seem to like me these days. That’s awesome that you received your first check, congratulations 🎉 I do not know who Ruth Ozeki is but know you’re happy that she won. Have a great weekend 😊


  5. Beautiful flowers! Your weather sounds ideal. It’s been a bit hotter here in Eastern PA, but tomorrow’s high is forecast to be in the 60’s and that makes me happy. I have always craved time alone and find it essential to my well being. I hope you can carve out more time for just you. Enjoy the weekend and Happy Father’s Day to your husband!


  6. Those flowers are gorgeous! Also, that weather sounds amazing. We have had a ton of rain this past week – it’s the season for rain in Calgary – and it’s a bit cool.


  7. These bits of joy are delightful, Katie – thank you for sharing! So glad to see more quilt time (with popcorn makes it even better!) and I LOVE the image of you jumping up and down about Ozeki’s win!! hope you’re enjoying the weekend and those chilly temperatures!


    1. The weekend was wonderful! We reveled in the cooler temperatures knowing that the heat of the summer is still in store for us. I hope you had a great weekend, Mary!


    1. I love them! We have a ton of them because they’re in the hummingbird and bee attracter seed packets (I think I said that awkwardly, sorry). We’ve never planted any directly or by themselves but they do nicely in those mixes. So sorry that you’ve had such hot weather. I hope you get a little relief this weekend?

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