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Several weeks ago I shared my latest YouTube obsession: Honeyjubu. She’s a woman from South Korea who vlogs about her daily routines and I’m always captivated by what she shares. I love the tenderness and care she takes with her home and her ability to cook so much for her family. But at the end of the day, these are videos of a woman cooking and cleaning. Why do I find them so enjoyable and relaxing?

It dawned on me: she focuses on the sounds of domesticity. The sound of food sizzling, the soft thud of lids being closed on pots, slippers shuffling across the floor, scrubbing dishes in the sink, the clink of clean dishes carefully placed in the draining tray.

(From last year’s garden)

I have access to all of those sounds but have never focused on them in my own life. Even better is the fact that I can also capture the other four senses: sight, touch, taste, and smell. Could I possibly find as much joy in my own daily routines as I do in Honeyjubu’s?

Since that realization, I’ve tried to be mindful about the sounds in my own life. Instead of rushing through cooking and hurriedly chopping veggies and throwing them into the too-hot pan, I’ve started pre-cutting them before I even turn the stove on, listening to the sounds of the knife cutting through the vegetables and the quiet thud of hitting the cutting board, carefully placing them in dishes waiting nearby. It means more washing up, but even that part of my evening has become more enjoyable as I listen to the sound of the faucet turning on, feel the heat of the hot water on my hands, watch the suds work their magic on our plates and bowls, and the sounds of carefully setting them aside to dry.

I’ve begun to enjoy clearing sections of my counter to make sure I spray down every nook and cranny and wipe away all of the crumbs. The sounds of my own slippers (well, crocs.. but I call them “my house crocs”) on the floor as I sweep, vacuum, and mop away the detritus of the day. All while thinking about the foundation that I’m creating for my family.

All of my work is almost always interrupted by someone and that’s okay. Because I can always find my bearings and return to those little sounds, even if it’s just for a few seconds before the next distraction. And besides – those interruptions and distractions are my purpose right now and they’re not interruptions and distractions at all. They are my life.

I hope your weekend was restful and that Monday treats you well. I plan to be back on Wednesday with a few finished books. Until then – take good care!


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  1. Loved, loved, loved this! I will be paying more attention today — and this quote was such a great reminder for me: “…they’re not interruptions and distractions at all. They are my life.” It’s something I struggle with — feeling annoyed when whatever I had intended gets pulled off course. But why not enlarge the boundaries of my like and include everything — everything that my moment contains? Thank you for this lovely Monday Morning post and have a wonderful day!


  2. I think you’ve just found mindfulness, Katie! I think there’s a lot to be said about focusing on any particular task and finding joy in it — not to mention making the task more successful because we’re giving it all our attention. I think multitasking has become such a big part of our culture that few people rarely do one thing at a time, let alone focus on it and get joy from it. I’m going to follow your lead and try to be more mindful in the kitchen!


  3. What a beautiful blog post! Mindfulness is important no matter what stage of life we are in. I always get in a hurry to get stuff done on my list. Thank you for reminding me to be aware of what is important. Have a lovely day, blessings!


    1. Thank you for the lovey comment, Gretchen. I’m also in a hurry to check things off of my lists… here’s to both of us finding ways to enjoy the process!


  4. I have done mise en place for years and it makes such a difference in the rhythm of cooking. Yes, a couple more things to clean… but a great enjoyment for the cooking process.

    (and I love that image of the two cats… so adorable!)


    1. I looked up mise en place – thanks for teaching me a new term! It’s also fun to use some of the smaller, prettier dishes I have while I’m preparing meals… I had a hard time finding uses for them before!


  5. Oh Katie, I love this! What a great way to find joy. I admit I usually have music playing or a podcast on, but the other day I just went for a walk and listened to the sounds of the world…it was pretty wonderful. Maybe I should do that in my own house. Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. I definitely enjoy music and/or audiobooks when I’m puttering away too. But a little more quiet has made such a difference for me in the last few weeks. I hope you have a great week!


  6. I have a pair of croc-like shoes that I love too! They are actually a brand called Veggies Shoes. I like them because I can garden in them and then take them in the shower with me to wash them.


  7. Every job is important and deserves undivided attention. Those are the very sounds you will miss one day. I love visiting my sons and their families for just ordinary family days, those are the best


  8. I love this. I watched the honeyjubu videos and they are so calming and relaxing. Mindfulness is something I try to achieve every day but sometimes it’s so hard. Especially when I am in a hurry.


  9. Watching these types of videos is one of my favorite things, they are so relaxing! I always note that they have such a calm soundtrack, free from children fighting and screaming. That’s probably why I am so drawn to them 🙂 I also like Choki and Her86m2.


    1. Oh, thank you for the new vloggers. I’ve explored Choki – love! – and will look for Her86m2 soon. You’re right – the videos are so calming and relaxing. I could watch them all day.


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