Friday | Spring Might Be Here

Well, well, well. Welcome to Friday; we have made it through this frightful week! As I type this, the sun hasn’t quite risen but the sky is full of light. It’s a coral-y color with a few purple clouds and the pastel tone of it all is making me quite happy even when the outside world is not. There’s joy to be found, friends, even amidst all of this outrage and despair. My coffee is hot and I’m ready to share a few things with you!

The week started off chilly and is ending with more spring-like temperatures. We shed our jackets during our afternoon playtime yesterday and I expect we’ll do the same today. The weekend forecast is slightly cooler but next week is back into the mid-60s and even into the 80s (!). I’ll take whatever I can get – including a mint julep for the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. (Sometimes I wish I would have been a horse trainer, but that’s a digression so I’m putting it into parentheses and feel free to ignore it.)

In our garden, we now have asparagus! This is a pivotal moment in the year for me; it signals the start of vegetable season. Before now, I never think it’s quite possible for us to grow our own food. I assume the ground in New Hampshire is inhospitable to life until I see an asparagus spear make its way out of the earth and into the cold air. I cannot wait to toss a handful of these in oil, sprinkle with salt, and cook them on the grill. The little radishes that we planted last week are also up like little soldiers and starting to grow. We’ll soon have spicy little bites to add to our snack plates.

We’re keeping a close eye on all of our flowering bushes: azalea, peonies, roses, hydrangeas, butterfly bush, lilacs, phlox (maybe not considered a bush? but fun to watch spread), bergamot. The bergamot has nearly completely taken over the bed that runs along the front of the house and I am okay with that. It attracts the bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies beautifully and it can have as much space in our life as it wants. The phlox has a few flowers that have opened up and the azalea is in full bloom. Everything else is still just sticks with tiny leaves starting to bud out. But flowers are coming – they always do!

I started my annual reread of The Hobbit this week; I know it’s time to visit The Shire as soon as the grass turns green here and that moment has arrived. I’m still aching for my own hobbit hole!

We put up a Ukrainian flag a couple of weeks ago. We live about a half a mile from the state Veteran’s Cemetery and an American flag feels necessary; a second flag pole is just because we tend to be over the top. They’re beautiful together. Watching the news is probably enough of a reminder, but watching the Ukrainian flag flapping in the wind reinforces — every single day — what is happening half a world away from my own quiet little patch. It’s important to remember and to continue to donate to the relief organizations who are doing their best to help Ukrainians survive each day. I’m still donating to World Central Kitchen and savor their email updates. I hope you’ll consider making your own donation to their good and hard work.

Thank you for all of the kind comments on Wednesday’s post; it seems many of us are feeling out of sorts lately. Actually — it seems to be the theme since about 2016, doesn’t it? These last several years have been such a rollercoaster and it doesn’t seem like the ride is going to stop anytime soon. I’m so thankful to have this community of friends in which we support each other through our own personal ups and downs, as well as everything that’s triggered by the politics around us. My reading and knitting is already starting to creep back and I’m looking forward to it planting itself firmly into my life again. But until then it’s about accepting where I am right now and enjoying what’s right in front of me.

I’m planning to be back next Wednesday with a little update. I hope you all have just the weekend you need! Take good care.


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  1. We lag behind you however we are on our third blue sky day in a row! The snow is finally melting and it appears the worst of winter is finally behind us…oh I sure hope that I don’t regret saying that haha! I want to grow asparagus too!!


    1. I’m so happy that you’re seeing some signs of spring. (I won’t totally jinx you by saying that spring has arrived for you!) You’ve had such a winter… here’s to more blue skies and peeks of green grass!


  2. How exciting to see the asparagus coming up! I wonder if we could grow it here? So far, other than the spring flowers, we only have chives and mint that has come back. I’m determined to get our seeds started this weekend, and we ordered flowers and some herbs and veggies from our synagogue’s preschool sale that we’ll pick up next week.

    Love seeing your Ukrainian flag flying!


  3. Love hearing about the things sprouting in your yard and garden. 🙂

    Enjoying what’s right in front of you. I’m trying extra hard to do that. It’s so easy to let the stressors dominate, and the many many good things take a backseat.

    I hope you also have a wonderful weekend full of what you need!


  4. Happy spring and hooray for asparagus! My husband grew up on a vineyard and remembers asparagus growing wild. I can’t even imagine! So wonderful.


  5. I am so glad your temps are starting to feel like spring. It has actually felt almost like summer here in Tennessee. My azaleas have bloomed and gone. We are having a few days of cool weather it is Blackberry Winter. The blackberries have started to bloom out. But the heat will return by next week. I am enjoying the cool weather and dread the hot sticky days when all I want to do is stay in under the air. I love that your asparagus is growing. My husband loves it, me not so much. Did you have horses growing up or do you now? That would be an interesting profession. I have only been on a horse one time in my life. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!


    1. No horses for me and I’ve only rode once or twice. I have no idea why I think I’d be a good trainer, ha! But sometimes I just get the urge. I hope you enjoyed some cooler weather while you had it. I grew up in Texas and remember the heat and humidity well – not my favorite!


  6. I hope this weekend was just what you needed … and thank you for those wonderful SPRING photos. Asparagus and tulips, yes please! and also love that last photo with the two flags. In Beaufort, we saw a “flag” made from blue and yellow flowers planted in a vertical garden leaning up against a huge oak tree. The blue flowers were still closed up (it was very early and apparently they’re the kind of flower that needs daylight to open) so I didn’t take a photo. What a lovely (literally!) way to honor those people and their country.


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