Surrender | April 2022

April is nearing its end! What a month. I’m flipping back through my notebook to remember some of the highlights. It was simply a delightful one: full of friends, writing, good books (oh, the good books!!), time outside, and the anticipation of a new season. Now I’m ready to settle in and think about my One Little Word, Surrender, and how it showed up in my life this month. Thank you to Carolyn for hosting this link up!

I struggled with what to write about today, but I surrendered to the fact that something is better than nothing and decided to show up at my computer regardless of the end result. I chose Surrender this year because I wanted to practice accepting things as they are. This post is going to be a good example of that!

+ I’ve surrendered my TBR for the last couple of weeks because I’ve been intensely focused on three sagas. Instead of getting antsy about my next book, I’m able to sink into new worlds in ways that can be difficult for me with shorter books (sometimes). It’s been wonderful.

+ The anticipation and slow arrival of spring reminds me to shift my expectations based on the season. Our homeschooling day looks different thanks to the nicer weather; my own hobbies and interests also shift. I can surrender progress on my stitching projects, knowing that I’m raking leaves and putting fresh plants into the ground. One lovely addition to my day thanks to the sunny and slightly warmer weather: afternoon reading on the front step while the kids play independently outside and we wait for Colton’s bus.

+ I’m working on surrendering unrealistic expectations of myself around the house. I have a small checklist that I work on throughout the day and try to spend 10-15 minutes on a problem area, and then I let it go. What do they say? A messy house is a happy house? Or a sign of creativity and imagination at work? Something like that. I don’t always agree with that idea; I get stressed out by all of the stuff and would like to wrangle it a bit, but I try not to let it rule my day. Try. It’s a work in progress.

+ I’ve surrendered to the fact that regular exercise is the best thing I can do for overall health and my mental well-being, so I’ve been quietly adding more into my life. In addition to spending more time outside and gardening, I’ve been visiting my spin bike 3-4 times a week in April. It feels really good to be working so hard. I’m also try to find ways to work in more strength training, which I think will have an even larger impact for me. Of course – now that I’ve shared this with the world, I expect that I will fall out of my routine again.

+ And, as always, being the mother of a child with special needs forces me to practice this mindset everyday. I’ve surrendered to the fact that there just are no easy days. Which is the case for most people around the world, I constantly remind myself.

Surrender has been an interesting practice this year. There are so many situations in my life that could be improved by just letting go of my own control over them. Practice, practice, practice… right?!

I plan to be back on Wednesday with some sort of update on my reading and stitching. I hope your week starts out well!


22 thoughts on “Surrender | April 2022

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  1. Your posts always make me think and appreciate you, so thank you! But I am surprised that in your history of surrenders for April you left out the (several) unravelings perpetrated by a certain kitten who seems to often be in the vicinity of your latest knitting project. (I’d have set the project aside after the first episode…but seems like you surrendered your frustration — rather than surrendering TO it — and persisted on your path. Lots of lessons for me there!)


  2. Your surrenders go so well , accepting everyday life as it comes, letting go of anxiety over things that don’t matter in the Big scheme of life, going with the flow. Lovely post. I love the image of sitting on the step waiting for the bus and the little ones playing.


    1. Thanks, Cathy. It’s been an interesting word to think about, for sure. And thanks for your kind words about waiting for the bus — it’s been a fun change to our routine!


  3. What I’m seeing in your journey with Surrender this year is that you’re really getting rid of unrealistic expectations about what you “should” or “have to” do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and instead embracing the fact that you have a lot on your plate and what you get done can be good enough. I fully believe that we will always have more that we want to do than we can possibly get done in one lifetime, so we need to teach ourselves to focus on what we can do instead of what remains undone.

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  4. I am sending you a hug, my friend. Your surrender is something I need so much more of in my life… stop trying to make things the way I think they should be and just allow them to be.

    Thank you for sharing so beautifully!

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  5. Surrendering is SO HARD. I know you’re trying and I commend you. You’re right – it’s a practice! Like meditation or exercise or whatever. Something is definitely better than nothing whether it’s writing or exercise or cleaning. Perfection is impossible! Gretchen Rubin says, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good.” I like that phrase. Thank you for sharing this post and these reflections.


  6. Releasing or getting rid of unrealistic expectations and just letting things be is a great mindset – not always easy to accomplish, but something to strive for.


  7. I love seeing Surrender as a strength and a positive choice. and sometimes a little reframing is all the choice you need – creative (not messy), for example. and a big virtual hug for all the hard days. I so appreciate the honesty and vulnerability you bring to this space. Thank you for sharing!


    1. Thank you, Mary! It’s been an interesting shift for me – from feeling as though I could control my internal stillness last year to simply accepting things as they are and moving forward. It’s been a helpful lens for this year!


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