Bookish Coincidences

Sometimes I notice the strangest coincidences when I’m reading. I wrote about this nearly a year ago: maybe it’s the same odd name used in subsequent books, or the fact that every book I’m reading uses bees as imagery. But every once in a while, it seems like the stars align and patterns start to emerge. Today I’m sharing a few that I’ve found recently.

I’ve started using index cards as bookmarks. This gives me the option to jot down quotes as I go, keep a list of important character names, and write down any of these coincidences that I find. I will absolutely forget if I rely on my memory, so index cards have been a game changer for me. If I write anything down on one of my index cards (sometimes I don’t), then I’ll stick it in my reading journal when I finish the book. Then I have the option of writing things down more permanently if I choose to (sometimes I don’t do that either). To write today’s post, I simply gathered up a few of those cards and got to typing. Easy peasy.

Now on to my recent coincidences!

+ Custard powder is mentioned in Coming Home and A Glass of Blessings. I don’t think I’d even heard of custard powder until it was mentioned in A Glass of Blessings and then it appeared in my life almost immediately again when I started Coming Home!

+ The town of Penzance was mentioned, again, in both Coming Home and A Glass of Blessings. Perhaps the books are set in the same region, which might explain their similarities. But I don’t know England well enough to know for sure.

+ Both A Strawberry Thief and Life After Life used the word “Snow” as a chapter title. It’s repeated again and again in Life After Life and I was struck by turning the page in A Strawberry Thief and seeing it there.

+ The author Arthur Ransome and the book Jane Eyre are both mentioned in Coming Home and Life After Life. I think it’s because they’re both set in generally the same time period.

+ Ursula is a character name in Life After Life and St. Ursula is a school in Coming Home.

+ Samovars have been featured heavily in the books I’ve been reading: Life After Life, A Glass of Blessings, The Island of Missing Trees, and The Diamond Eye all referenced samovars.

Books referenced in this post are below. Clicking on any picture should take you to its Amazon page.

I just love it when it seems like every book I’m reading has a connection with another. Have you had any bookish coincidences lately? Have you read anything great lately? I hope to be back on Wednesday with an Unraveled post. Spoiler alert: I didn’t do as much knitting as I’d hoped but I’ve read some really good books.

Until then – stay safe and cozy!


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  1. Fun! Right off, I can’t think of any, but I will be on the alert for them. Speaking of books…I am coming down the homestretch with the delightful “The Maid” by Nita Prose. Can’t remember if you’ve reviewed it—oh the aging memory!—so thought I’d mention it. In “The Maid,” Molly Gray, who works as a maid extraordinaire in a fancy hotel in Toronto, is neurodivergent and struggles socially. A murder upsets her tidy world but also brings her opportunities. Anyway, I fell in love with Molly and worried about her and hoped that all would be well for her.

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      1. I really liked the book but had problems with the ending. If you read it, I will be interested in hearing what you think of it. But the ending did not ruin the book for me and my love and concern for Molly, the main character.

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  2. I am finding Golems everywhere at the moment. To be explained in this months Books post. I find its like when you are pregnant or wanting to be and then the world seems full of pregnant ladies.


    1. How funny! One that I didn’t add to my list: djinnis, which I guess are sort of like golems? I can’t wait to read more about your golem coincidences in your next book post!


  3. I can’t think of any specific examples right now, but I do notice coincidences like these quite a lot. I have a feeling that they’re a lot more frequent than we realize, but there’s some psychological thing going on where the incidence of these things seems unusual to us because we don’t notice it that often. Regardless, I’m really entertained and amused when I do notice it!


  4. Ooo! I like this! Hmmm, I think so… but not one springs to mind right this very instant. But I am going to pay attention and see what I find in my reading this week! 🙂


  5. That is SO funny that I mentioned Rebecca’s posts about bookish coincidences and my own unintentional theme of walking and you post this! Something in the air, lol…

    I’m really not good at noticing these kinds of things but also it might be because I tend to read vastly different kinds of books one after another due to my mood reading. So maybe they’re just not there!


    1. I laughed out loud when I read your post after I published my own. 🙂 And maybe you’re right – maybe I notice them when my reading all kind of settles into one genre or time period. I’ll have to think some more about that!

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  6. Clearly this is a sign I need to read A Glass of Blessings AND The Strawberry Thief 🙂 I’ve been enjoying finding Easter eggs in the Maggie O’Farrell books – I started with her first novel last month and read her second last week – I spotted TWO references in book two to characters and events in book one. I’m glad I’m reading them in order and now I wonder what I’ll find in book three!!


      1. Finding easter eggs is so much fun! It’s one of the joys of becoming a completist, I think. It’s like being in on an inside joke! And yes – I would wholeheartedly recommend the entire Chocolat series! I finished the fourth yesterday – sigh!


  7. I absolutely LOVE bookish connections! I like your idea of the index card. I am big on annotating books. I like to use post-it notes and sticky tabs. They are handy and can stick on to the pages. But I like the idea of having the index card for jotting down ideas and connections. They could be filed in an index card box which could be a different type of reading journal. Hmmm….ideas are brewing! 🙂


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