A Sunday Poem | Dogwood

Happy Sunday. I’m here to share a few beautiful words from Wendell Berry. I’m still on a spring flower kick and, luckily, so is he:

A man who loves the trees
walks among them on a dark day
for the solace he has taken always
from the company of his elders,
and suddenly he sees
such a grace as in all his going
he is always going toward
though never in his foreknowing:
among duller trunks and branches
a dogwood flower – white
lighting all the woods.

This Day: Collected & New Sabbath Poems by Wendell Berry

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Mother’s Day is hard – I hope yours is peaceful and you can enjoy a few blossoms.


6 thoughts on “A Sunday Poem | Dogwood

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  1. I hope your Mother’s Day is as good as it can be, knowing how hard it can be for moms to take a day for themselves. But you do so much for your family every day, and I hope they appreciate you for it!


  2. Hope you had a good Mother’s Day. I’m sort of ambivalent about the holiday and I know it can be painful for so many who have experiences loss or who are estranged from their mothers. Plus my birthday (which is today) is always right around Mother’s Day so it gets squashed into one celebration, LOL. 😛


  3. Mother’s day is – well, something I guess. I always wanted some time to not be a mother or to be with my sister and mom. Hope your day went well enough. Thanks for the poetry


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