Full of Joy Friday | Week 11 of 2021

Happy Friday! Each week I gather bits of joy to share here and I’ve been surrounded with sweet moments that I’m excited to write down.

+ Picture this: Bronwyn standing at the piano with a picture book in the music stand, upside down, and playing as though reading sheet music. Joy, my friends!

+ Colton has never really loved books, unless it’s to rip them apart or eat them. But several times this week he has taken a stack of picture books to the couch and flipped through them. The magic is lost if one tries to sit down and read to him, so it’s okay to just admire him enjoying them in his own (and totally appropriate, yay!) way.

+ It’s a chore to bathe all three children. One doesn’t want to get in; another doesn’t want to get out; and yet another refuses to do anything but lay straight as a log, arms crossed, and silent until the whole ordeal is over. But is there anything better than tucking your brood into bed at night, knowing they’re all clean just for a little while, and for once feeling like you might know what you’re doing?

+ The NY Times published a lovely article about wild sheep on an island in Maine and their caretakers.

+ Plum Deluxe published a whole blog post on tea towels. So cozy!

+ It’s fun to work on my own penmanship while the kiddos are practicing their handwriting. This is a Spencarian Penmanship copybook that I’m enjoying! It’s especially helpful for Bryce to see me concentrating and working on my own handwriting as he’s practicing his. He likes it when I comment that some letters are harder than I expected (like these wonky x’s I’ve been working on).

Spencarian Penmanship Copybook

May you all have a wonderful weekend, full of sunshine, good books, and wonderful company. And I’d love to hear where you’ve been finding joy lately!


14 thoughts on “Full of Joy Friday | Week 11 of 2021

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  1. I do not envy you the task of trying to get three kids clean! My kid whines all the time about getting in the shower, but once she gets in, I can’t get her out!


  2. We have a rock garden on the side of our property…this morning there were two deer sleeping in it! A true sign of spring which brought me joy!!
    I loved reading to my girls and now hearing about them sharing that love with their children. I read the first chapter of Little House in the Big Woods to my 9yr old grandson yesterday when his Mom picked him up later that day he told her all about how the Ingall’s gathered food for the winter!


    1. I love deer spotting! And what a sweet story about your grandson – I hope you two keep reading the Little House books together. 9 is the perfect age for it, I think!


  3. I love watching our grandson play – something he does well and that doesn’t need my grown up interventions. I have been thinking about working on my handwriting too. Have Friday


    1. Independent players are amazing!! I’m lucky – my oldest and youngest are very good at it, too. The handwriting thing is fun. I’m very happy with my handwriting in general, but I’m enjoying learning something new 🙂


    1. Ahhh! That’s so cool! I love sheep, but know that I’d never be able to keep up with the shearing. That’s why I’m excited about the idea of goats 🙂


  4. The first, and best joy is that this week (14th) we welcomed a new member of the family into the world. My nephewinlaw was born Sunday near midnight. He’s darling. No name, yet, though. The second, not sure if it’s technically a joy, but I’ve created three bags of clothing to go to charity, and three more bags of garbage. Spring cleaning & weedling. It’s amazing how much junk has collected over this year of lockdown. Another related joy is a slight lightening of restrictions so more people are out and about. A pending joy/hope is that sometime this year (before winter) we hope to move back to Ohio and “home”. First, though, Hubby is searching for work, while I search out housing options.


    1. Congratulations on the new baby! That’s such wonderful news 🙂 And de-cluttering/cleaning is most certainly a joy. It’s one of my favorite things ever! Good luck getting back to Ohio – I know you’ve been trying to work through it for a while. I’m hoping the vaccine makes much easier for you!!

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      1. Doc told me this week not to get it. He’s worried that my overactive immune system just won’t tolerate it at the moment. Sigh… I did test that I have the antigen so that’s proof that I survived it.

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  5. Love the image of Colton enjoying the books in his own way! So sweet.

    Joy this week: celebrating Persian New Year and video chatting with my Persian extended family around the world. Getting to know them gives me a sense of connection I didn’t know I was missing.


    1. Laila, he’s so sweet. I’m so lucky! And when he looks at books, he’s actually quiet for a few minutes. It feels like a miracle. Happy Persian New Year!! I see that you’ve written a blog post about it and I’m very excited to go read it. There’s so much to learn about!

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