Full of Joy Friday – Week 4 of 2021

Throughout the week I collect moments of joy to share here on Fridays. Noticing the small things creates true happiness and I really need to do this work today. I spent last week on an Inauguration high, but crashed pretty hard this week. I’ve been irritable, yelling, crying, and just plain mean. The late winters are a difficult time for me and I really battle the urge to curl up into a ball and do nothing, so today I’m digging deep and looking for the bright spots.

+ My new desk arrived last weekend and my husband and I got it set up on Wednesday. He also moved my big L-shaped desk down to the basement (which was An Ordeal) and I’m going to set it up for my sewing machines. This new blogging desk takes up less space in our bedroom, so it’s nice to finally see that area open up again.

+ I have this mint rolling cart from Michaels set up with all of my writing supplies and library books next to my desk. I’ve decided that I’m going to buy another one in lemon to hold my active handsewing and knitting projects so that I don’t have to store them in the basement when I’m not working on them.

+ I got a big box of yarn from Knit Picks earlier this week!

+ When I take Colton to his treatment center in the mornings, I usually get to listen to a local radio show called The Exchange. The topic on Wednesday was The Power of Poetry: Why It Matters and How It’s Evolving. The host interviewed 3 poets who picked apart Amanda Gorman’s Inauguration Poem (don’t worry – they were all in awe of her work) and shared their own love of poetry. There were lots of call ins and emails from people who also shared some of their favorites. It was wonderful to listen to!

+ Snowfall on Tuesday night!

+ I finished my Hermione Everyday Socks.

+ I got to go into the library to browse for 20 minutes on Monday! They only just reopened to the public and I was their very first appointments (of course).

+ Our statewide Covid case numbers are finally going down. And it seems like the vaccination rollout is going relatively well here in New Hampshire. What a relief!

+ I found my warm pants so I can go outside to play without freezing to death.

+ We put in our annual Fedco Trees order. Spring is coming!

+ We planted our goat willow about 5 years ago and have never gotten more than 1 woolen catkin on it a year. This year it looks like there are several. I can’t wait to watch it bloom.

+ Last night’s Wolf Moon was amazing.

That’s it from me this week. What’s brought you joy lately?

I hope your weekend is exactly what you need to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I hope to be back on Monday to do this all again!


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  1. I have never heard of a wolf moon, so I shall have to google it. I am very jealous of your library browse. My library is closing for 8 weeks- I’ll still be able to use the big one in the town centre, but it won’t be the same. Apparently they need to re-deploy the staff due to Covid. So good things- I had a letter from my Grandson and I have just written back to him. I finished the back of the waistcoat I am knitting my granddaughter, so that just needs the finishing touches. We had snow and everyone was happy for a day. So that’s all ok. Have a great weekend. x

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    1. I love letter writing – how fun that you exchange letters with your grandson! Congrats on your knitting progress! Thank you for sharing a few of the things that brought you joy this week!!


  2. I’ve been struggling to figure out why this week has felt so hard, and I think you’ve hit the nail on the head — post-inauguration let-down.

    I have the same cart from Michaels (though in a silvery gray) that sits next to my spinning chair and holds all my spinning stuff — well, not the fiber, but all the bobbins and various accoutrements. I also got the lid for the top drawer and have my electric wheel sitting on top of it.

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  3. I hear you on the week being difficult!! To be honest, I have been thankful for Animal Crossing. 😉 Still waiting for the update that allows me to move there at least temporarily. 😉

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    1. I am so interested in Animal Crossing! I’ve never played it, but it totally looks like my thing. The problem is – if I were to start playing it, then it would totally take over my life!! :p

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  4. I had a few days this week when I just felt the blues and have no idea why. The sun was out and it wasn’t raining. I think we are all exhausted. Can’t wait to see what will happen to those lovely fabrics in your box!

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    1. You’re right – we’re all so exhausted, especially emotionally. Reading everyone’s comments has reminded me that I’m not alone, this is a typical feeling for me this time of year anyway, AND that this has been such an atypical year! We will get through it 🙂

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  5. The wolf moon was amazing here in NW Ontario. The combo of late winter, not enough day light and the bitter cold weather has been wearing on so many of us. They do say the third week of January tends to be the most depressing week of the year. I really try to focus on the positives as well.

    I am thankful for the sunshine …and the promise of warmer days that are coming! Also for customer quilts that are so inspiring. Oh and for fun projects to work on.

    Enjoy your new desk is sounds like a lovely space to write 😊

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    1. You are so right about everything working against our moods this time of year. Ontario winters must be really hard, too!

      You’re a longarm quilter??! What a fun job! Do you have a blog where I can see your work?

      Have a great weekend, Wendy!


      1. For the most part I don’t mind our winters as long as there is enough sunshine. They do get long though.
        Yes, I am a Longarm quilter, I have a blog at wendysquilting.wordpress.com though I am not the best at writing regularly.

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  6. That wolf moon was still shining bright as I took hubby to work this morning. For the first time all week the sky was clear and the sun shining. Yeah! Our library is “open”…i quote that because while it says they’re open, it’s like they’re not. I went in one day this last week and I think I was the only one in the building. There is one computer (usually 12) and no chair for it. All the tables and chairs are gone. Only allowed to be inside for 1 hour to find books and self checkout. They’ve even taken out the card catalog computers so no way to really look for anything. So, instead of a library trip I drove over the river to do an antique store run. I went into what was a tiny little store last time I was there… Maybe 5 booths… Well, now it’s packed…about the size of a Wal-Mart supercenter. Took me 4 hours to peruse and find some awesome linens and blankies for my quilt! Yeah! On the way home I swung through Joanns and found both the cloth I needed for a new dress and patterns on sale…so I got 10 yards of cloth (the whole bolt!) And two more vintage dress patterns to the tune in savings of $86! WOOHOO! I love a good sale! I stopped at a thrifty and found a few blouses ($5eac) with original price tags from Kohls… One tag was $79.99…i got for $2.50 thanks to senior discount! I’m still shell shocked…and happily broke. We’re due to have more snow tomorrow and Sunday…so I’ll be happily sewing away. It was a very down week but it is ending up…a good sign.

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    1. Your library sounds like mine – no computers or card catalogs and our appointments are for 20 minutes! But you had some amazing finds yesterday – I never get so lucky! 🙂 Enjoy your snowy sew days this weekend – it sounds like a lovely way to spend a storm!

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  7. So glad you’re getting to go to the library!

    Joyful things for me this week: a few sunny days (even if chilly), finally starting to watch “Ted Lasso” on Apple+, and I made a yummy orange poppyseed cake last weekend, a new recipe that everyone loved. Here’s to more joyful things for us both next week!

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  8. The moon was spectacular! It was a return to winter this week here in Pittsburgh…bitterly cold weather, sigh. I am happy to welcome February!


  9. Our libraries are still closed for browsing, but my favorite indie bookshop (combo new/used books) is open … I browsed for a few minutes yesterday and came home with two new-to-me books 🙂 Can’t wait to see what knitting projects you’re planning!

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