A Look Into Our Notebooks – Week 4 of 2021

I start every week by looking back at the one that just ended. How am I using my time? Does it reflect my goals and values? Are there any traps or pitfalls that I repeatedly fall into? The time I spend with my notebook every day is invaluable to me – it keeps me grounded and reminds me that I’m doing more than I think I am, which is good for the days when I feel like I’m doing nothing. Last week was emotionally difficult for me, so I’m especially thankful that I have this record of activity.

GREEN | Writing Time
I’ve had a really hard time getting up at my usual time this month, but my journaling habit has proven to be strong – it’s the most important thing I do in the morning. Today is Day 302 (!). I alternated blogging times throughout the week – sometimes early in the morning and sometimes in the evening – in order to fit in some of my “healthy” goals (more below). I’m working to get ahead on posts so that I can get back to my most recent plan: exercise in the morning and blog in the early afternoon during quiet time. We’ll see if I can get back on track this week!

ORANGE | Healthy Stuff
Another relatively successful week in this category for me! I used the exercise bike and did Yoga with Adriene 3 times each. 6 exercise sessions in a week is a lot for me and has seemed impossible for so long; I’m very proud of my accomplishments last week.

PURPLE | Blackberry Bluff School
This was Week 20 of our homeschooling adventure! I’m seeing that a lot of homeschooling mothers are experiencing a lull of activity this time of year, which makes me feel so much better. I’m tapping into the reasons I chose to homeschool – to spend more time with my children, to ensure that they love books and reading, and to be able to focus on their passions – and that’s helping me through this really difficult season.

YELLOW | Stitching Time
I had a wide variety of stitching projects last week – I worked on my Stay at Home Round Robin quilt, finished knitting a pair of socks, started a hat for Bryce, and worked on my Mandolin quilt (stay tuned for more information if the details are fuzzy about that one). I almost decided to start a 100 Day Project yesterday thanks to a never ending stream of inspiration on the blogosphere… and eventually decided that I couldn’t take the pressure! I’m trying to honor my word of the year – stillness – and give myself a little break.

PINK | Reading Time
It was not a good week for reading! Yikes! And still – that’s okay. I spent the first few weeks of the year reading like a fiend and I’m finally balancing back out. I know that I’ll cycle back through some crazy reading weeks at some point so I’m just enjoying the ride right now.

BLUE | Outside Time
We didn’t spend any time outside during the week, but we did brave the frigid weather this weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. We’re expecting snowstorms but a slightly warmer week, so I’m hoping for a ton of outside time.

+ Water – Almost another perfect week! My water intake was low on Saturday because I had a ton of coffee that day (why? I told myself because it was so cold, but I think I was just looking for the comfort of a hot cup of black coffee – and that’s okay).

+ Weather – Brrr…!! It was so cold! But looking back at my 5 Year Notebook, we’ve had colder days in recent years! I finally have all of my cold weather gear out and easily accessible; the kids all have their boots, coats, and snowpants in a heap by the front door; and Matthew is used to going out in below zero weather to cross country ski — we’ve totally got this!

+ COVID Case Count – I can’t wait to look back at this one day and for all of this COVID stuff to be a memory of a difficult and tragic time… we’re still living it right now so it feels especially morbid to document, especially as the new variants make their way into communities. Luckily New Hampshire’s new case numbers continue to go down and I’m hoping the variants don’t change that.

As we head into Week 5 of 2021, I hope we can all find time to do the things we love and that we find ways to take care of our bodies and spirits. Here we go!


15 thoughts on “A Look Into Our Notebooks – Week 4 of 2021

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  1. Heard a great expression yesterday about these times, the daily challenges, and a good daily goal — staying off the Coronacoaster! Some days/weeks it’s easier than others. Hang in there and, indeed, you’ve got this!

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    1. I haven’t heard that expression – thank you for sharing it, it’s perfect! Thanks for all of your support and kindness – I hope you’re well!


  2. I am starting to wish that I’d thought to track the daily COVID numbers in my journal. I pay attention to the numbers in my county, and each day I check in with my state’s app that tracks cases and deaths (it also has a function that notifies you if someone else using the app tests positive and has been near you). I started journaling again as a way to remember this time, and certainly those numbers are part of it. I am worried about the new variants, but I also heard that PA’s positivity rate is down several percentage points in the past week or so. I’ll take good news where I can get it!

    Like you, I thought about doing the 100-day project but decided that I didn’t need the pressure. We have enough on our plates — you especially!

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  3. I have been watching our case counts gradually decrease, and that makes me hopeful that people are finally “getting it”! I like the rhythm to your week… it is a beautiful thing!

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