A Sunday Poem – Thanksgiving

Wendell Berry continues to sustain me.

It is late November, Thanksgiving,
and the slow rain falls as all day
it has fallen. The mists drift
in the treetops along Camp Branch.
The ewe flock grazes the green slope
as in a dream of a painting
by Samuel Palmer. There is no wind.
It is completely quiet. From the distance
comes only the sound of the branch
flowing in its wooded hollow, old,
old, and new, unidentifying the day
and the man giving his thanks.

This Day: Collected and New Sabbath Poems by Wendell Berry

Today I am giving my thanks to everyone who voted, to people who worked at the polls to make sure every vote counted, to the town clerks who diligently organized through an unprecedented pandemic, to the everyday postal workers who worked hard to sort and deliver ballots despite cuts and barriers in their work, to Joe and Kamala and their families who ran a positive and uplifting campaign. Most of all – I thank the people of color and Indigenous nations of this country. Centuries, centuries, of resistance. Of perseverance. Of pain, heartache, violence, terror. And yet – they continue to show up and make their voices heard. We learn so much from listening to those voices, studying the past, and creating new paths for the future.

I saved this picture to my phone 4 years ago. I don’t know why because I’ve never been a huge Biden fan, but this popped up in my Timehop this week while we were waiting for the votes to be counted. I took it as a good sign. Let’s all get our sunglasses ready – we’re preparing to chart a new course and it’s straight towards a new day.


11 thoughts on “A Sunday Poem – Thanksgiving

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  1. YES! I’m looking forward to some peace in our country again, we’ll probably have to wait until January, but at least we have something to look forward to now. Have a lovely day, hope you get some time for relaxing.

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  2. I was especially inspired by the turnout by Native/Indigenous people — I heard something like 90 or 95% turnout among Navajo voters in Arizona? Nothing is more inspiring to me than the active participation of people who have suffered so greatly over centuries and who still believe that we can do better. And I certainly hope we do do better by them.

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  3. I just saw something that said the Democratic party has been 3-0 this century when there’s been a POC on the ticket (and 0-3 when they haven’t). I sure hope we can continue to make America about Everyone. We have to, right?, or we won’t be America. and don’t you wish you had stock in the company that sells those aviators? Hope you’re getting some rest this week! (and sewing hexies šŸ™‚ )

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    1. I love that little tidbit. Lesson learned: the presidential ticket must look like the America. I keep hearing people quote Biden on that and it’s so true – it energizes the Democratic base and keeps the platform focused on what matters: improving the lives of everyday Americans. Amen!

      I have sewn no hexies so far this week, but the week is young šŸ™‚

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  4. What a lovely poem, thank you for sharing it.

    This has been and continues to be a crazy ride. I am jubilant about Biden winning. I am so ready for a human being with empathy to occupy the White House. It’s not the end though. The work (for justice) continues!

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    1. Onwards and upwards! I’m also elated about the Biden win and I’m worried about what malarkey is going to happen between now and January 20th, as well as his ability to govern with a Republican majority in the Senate. We are so broken in so many ways, but I’m happy to see that so many young people voted in this election cycle — it gives me hope for what’s to come!

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